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May 13, 2010 at 10:10 am ET
Hey Cholly! Eat a Bag.

Charlie Manuel is dumber than a box of hair. We already knew this. But just when you think he’s done talking, and has gone back to just fondling his junk on camera, he goes and finds a way to bring New York back into the conversation.


After the Rockies filed a complaint with Major League Baseball earlier this week about the Phillies stealing signs, the Mets were quickly dragged into the equation. Yeah, I’m upset about the Mets’ inconsistent play, but who can blame them? It must be hard to get clutch hitting when you have the NL champs still swinging from your jocks.

How did this all start? Phillies bullpen coach Mick Billmeyer was caught on camera using binoculars during the Phillies’ 9-5 win Monday night at Coors Field to help relay signs to Philadelphia hitters. Other reports show Shane “I only celebrate when Rollins approves” Victorino communicating with a mysterious, unknown entity behind the center field wall.

I say, so what.

You know what? I really don’t care that they’re stealing signs — I’d bet that most of MLB is doing it (except for Kansas City — will someone get them the memo already?)  and it’s really not changing the game all that much.

That mental midget with the binoculars? Well, no one accused Philly of employing smart people, now did they? Nope. Don’t care.

And the sidenote, with that whole “Philly gets an extra three home games this year” nonsense? Guess what? We aren’t losing sleep on this one, either. But as reactive and misguided as they were, I’m glad Jeff Franceour made his comments yesterday, because I was running dangerously low on bad gay jokes.

What Mets fans do care about is that the fucking NL champs — the supposed guys to beat again this year– can’t have a conversation with anyone without bringing up New York. Usually, it’s just the asshole contingent of their fan base that do it — yes, that’s a pretty big group of people — but this time the team’s very own liposuction poster boy moved his chin far enough to get them involved.

Try and remember this, dumbass — you’re the champs, we’re not. You destroyed us a few weeks back, we got destroyed. You have the team to beat, we do not. The more you keep bringing the Mets into your business, the more I figure you have some kind of little brother syndrome going on — one that transcends baseball.

Just check out this unprovoked gem from Crisco boy:

“Somebody ought to check on the Mets if they did [complain], because their . . . home record is out of this world and they’re losing on the road,” Manuel told reporters. “When I see somebody is 17-2 at home and 4-12 on the road, I kind of get concerned about that. That kind of crosses my mind.”

The Mets are 14-7 at home and 4-8 on the road and there had been no reports of the team making any complaints about the Phillies cheating…at least until Cholly started talking. The Mets were simply doing their best to win games, making no mention of the Phils, or their media nonsense.

Folly then added the following about why Colorado made its own allegations of cheating:

“Because we beat them,” Manuel said. “That’s why. . . . Keep crying. I’m sure if they can steal signs, they’ll steal them. And believe we will, too, if we can get them. Yeah, we will. Legally. If you’re dumb enough to let us get them, then that’s your fault…”

Yeah, kinda like being dumb enough to ignore the media and remember that you’re supposed to act like you’re actually the champs. Stop insulting your talented team with the tired Mets baiting, and just play ball.

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5 Responses to “Hey Cholly! Eat a Bag.”
  1. Gonzo says:

    Them’s fightin words.

  2. maxL says:

    You’d know a thing or two about being dumber than a box of hair, wouldn’t ya?

  3. gobaystars says:

    The reporter brought up the mets you idiot.
    All the Mets and Braves have done for the last 3 years is piss and moan about the ballpark, umpires, stealing signs, etc. Go win some games you dopes.

  4. CarlosBeltransexual says:

    “Keep crying.”

  5. Mattimoto says:

    I can’t tell if this is a serious post or not. You sound like a whiny bitch. You wonder why people hate New York and this is why. When your teams are winning (Yankees) you’re obnoxious, when your team is losing (Mets) you act like little bitches when people criticize your team and your excuse is “don’t pick on the guy when he’s down”. Face it the Mets suck, they thought that they could be like the Yankees and buy championships. The Yankees don’t pay $12 million a year to guys like Oliver Perez. The Mets suck, get over it, stop being a bitch.

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