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November 21, 2008 at 10:14 am ET
K-Rod: Pros and Cons

What I say here really doesn’t matter, because the Mets will undoubtedly make a ridiculous offer to Francisco Rodriguez, with a price per inning that makes Johan Santana’s contract seem like a fire sale by comparison.テつ But hey, it’s not my money…at least not until the $12 beers start adding up at Citi Field.

Moving on.テつ Here are the Pros and Cons of signing K-Rod.

PRO: The man broke a single season record by locking down 62 saves in 2008.

CON: He was on a team that put him in a position to get saves every night. Can the Mets’ rotation and middle relief make the same guarantee?テつ Not if we are forced to keep our current bullpen because we spent all our money on K-Rod.

PRO: K-Rod was a starting pitcher that converted to a reliever.テつ Maybe he can help Aaron Heilman through another offseason of disappointment.

CON: Became a reliever because he started having shoulder and elbow problems at the age of 21.テつ At that age, the only problem a young man should have is a beer-soaked liver.

PRO: Once averaged 96 mph on his fastball.

CON: That puts us in the wayback machine, all the way to 2007.テつ Despite his 62 saves, K-Rod’s velocity dropped a full 3 mph on average last season.テつ Given this number, and the Mets’ luck with long term contracts, K-Rod will lobbing like Tim Wakefield by 2010.テつ Addicted to painkillers by 2011.

PRO: He seems to be loosening his contract demands…

CON: …because he knows his agent is a mental midget.テつ He will still cost significantly more cash than it would take to land Brian Fuentes, and more potential talent than it would take to obtain Bobby Jenks — two guys that offer slightly lesser numbers than K-Rod, but more consistent results than any Mets closer in recent memory.

PRO: He likes New York.

CON: So does every other money-whoring, self-important, attention-seeking professional athlete since 1992.テつ Just ask Lebron James how he feels about the Big Apple when he signs with the Knicks after next season.

PRO: He’s a religious man.

CON: And that religion is Santeria, a weird offset of Catholicism that is closer to voodoo than the clubhouse may be comfortable with.テつ It is not wise to touch Jobu’s rum.

PRO: He likes the Mets…a lot.

CON: Deep wallets are sexy.

PRO: He’s still very young, and could be a long-term solution for a troubled bullpen.

CON: Eddie Kunz is also very young, throws just as hard, and appears to be major-league ready.テつ When are the Mets going to allow their young pitchers to grow into superstars, rather than trade them and watch them succeed elsewhere?テつ This trend of using small market teams as player development camps is getting old.

PRO: “He has thrived in big situations and media pressure his entire career.テつ New York shouldn’t phase him at all.”

CON: This is what they said about Billy Wagner.

Who do you think the Mets should have closing their games?テつ It should be interesting to hear what other fans have to say.テつ Chime in, true believers.

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4 Responses to “K-Rod: Pros and Cons”
  1. Norv Turner skin care company says:

    Eddie Kunz,have you ever seen him pitch?He pitched in a couple of mop up games and couldn’t throw a strike,and when it was close to the strike zone it was hit hard.I think you meant to say Bobby Parnell,then maybe I would agree but Eddie Kunz,give me a break,you obviously didn’t watch the few games last year when he pitched.

  2. Brad Bortone Brad Bortone says:

    Norv – What I saw last year was a kid with a cannon of an arm who nailed 27 saves for Binghamton, and pitched a scoreless inning in his MLB debut. Yeah, he struggled big time after that, but so do a lot of rookies – hardly enough of a reason to dismiss him.

    Parnell is undoubtedly the better pitcher, but Kunz is a born closer, and will likely be good for whichever team he lands with after the Mets pay big for another guy who doesn’t play everyday.

    Thanks for writing.

  3. Mark T. says:

    Got to go with Brad on this one. The money is too much and I don’t think he lives up to the hype. I also have been fed up with the way we have done our prospects. David Wright spoiled us. DW came up and shined right away. Since then we expect our rookies to be winning games for us immediately.

    I think we just don’t give these kids a chance. We are going to have off-seasons like this every year if we don’t start keeping some of our prospects. What I mean by that is off-seasons where we have tons of holes. We have a whole bullpen to fill.

    We brought Pelfrey up and he struggled for a while but now will be a key co in our rotation. Kunz is gonna struggle. It’s a hard jump to the pros, but it will be worth it if we keep him.

  4. Dave says:

    Kunz did struggle towards to end of the ’08 season and has sucked in the AFL, but I’m by no means really to give up on him and trade him away. Keep Kunz!

    I would sign K-Rod. I have no problem giving a 27 yr old closer a 4 yr. deal. If I recall, scouts were saying the same things last off season about Santana. And he would have another Cy Young award if the bullpen didn’t let him down!

    Mark T. – “It窶冱 a hard jump to the pros”
    I know what you mean, but these kids in the minor leagues are already pros!

    Brad – “When are the Mets going to allow their young pitchers to grow into superstars, rather than trade them and watch them succeed elsewhere?”

    Brad what young pitchers are you talking about? Kazmir, okay. H. Bell, he himself said he was not cut out for NYC, and getting traded was the best for him and the Mets. R. Ring, who already has been on 5 teams and seems to have topped out at AAA. H. Owens, no can’t be talking about him. The key to his fastball is steriods, plus add the fact that he hasn’t pitched since June 2007 because of shoulder trouble. M. Lindstrom, okay. So IMO the Mets have only traded away 2 major league pitcher so far.

    The jury is still out on Humber, Mulvey and Guerra. BTW Mulvey is the only top prospect ranked by Baseball America in the Twins new top 10.

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