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February 16, 2009 at 3:05 pm ET
The Ultimate F.U. to Petey

When Tim Redding came to town, I figured he was brought in to catch the attention of fringe pitchers like Pedro Martinez.

When Freddy Garcia came to town, I figured he was there to scare some motivation into fringe pitchers like Pedro Martinez.

When Omar Minaya flew down to Pedro’s town last month, I figured he was there to negotiate with the beleaguered and teamless Martinez.

But none of the above happened.テつ And we were fine with it.テつ Despite some veteran signings, we were instructed to believe that it was time to move on from the Pedro Martinez era in Queens and embrace youth and new beginnings.

Then Saturday happened.

The Mets’ signing of age-defying righty Livan Hernandez — “age-defying” in that if he’s 33, I’m the fifth Beatle — was nothing more than a pricey PR move to tell Pedro to go blow.テつ In other words, a big ol’ “feck off, jheri curl guy” to a man that brought some much needed excitement to Shea from 2005-07.

Now, before all the self-proclaimed Metgeniuses start calling me a Pedro mark, keep this in mind: I don’t believe Pedro should be back in Queens. I made peace with the fact that his gimpy arm and turf toe would be wearing another uniform this coming year.テつ Pedro needed to get out of NYC anyway. This is no longer his team, and frankly, it was kinda hard watching him squirm while Johan Santana ate up his spotlight last year.

But the Mets could have tried to seem interested in maintaining Pedro’s dignity. They could have made the man an offer — a small offer, indicating nothing more than “we respect you, Pedro” and “Thanks for bringing us some attention. Best of luck to ya.”

Pedro would have then promptly thanked the team, the city of New York, and every major biblical figure, before politely declining and moving on.テつ It would have been cordial, professional, and appropriate for a player of Martinez’ stature.

And not one iota of this actually happened.

Instead, the Mets continued to talk up this supposed “battle” for the fifth spot in their 2009 rotation, citing the need to “get younger” and “explore internal options” — a series of BS throwaway lines made completely irrelevant when they signed Tim Redding and Freddy Garcia; then made into a giant insult when they extended an offer to Livan Hernandez.

By signing Hernandez (who likely won’t even make the team, mind you) the Mets’ brass took any and every strand of pride Pedro has, and collectively dumped all over it. The Mets let the once-proud ace flounder in an already weak free agent market, while Pedro resorted to using the media to express his love of the Mets organization.テつ Shameful. Now, spring training has started, and Martinez is unlikely to find a new home any time soon.

Apparently, respect is just too much to ask of the Mets’ powers that be.

For this deal to be justified in the eyes of Pedro fans, Livan will have to beat out Freddy Garcia, Tim Redding, Jon Niese, Bobby Parnell and even the likes of Nelson Figueroa, to make the opening day rotation.テつ Should he not get a major league invite, he’ll likely be released, allowing him to sport yet another temporary uniform on his way to eclipsing Kenny Lofton’s record.

Thanks for bringing us relevance, Petey. Hope you don’t mind that we sharted all over yours.

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5 Responses to “The Ultimate F.U. to Petey”
  1. Ravi says:

    I disagree, Brad. With a guy of Pedro’s legacy, there are certain concessions that are needed to be made…first and foremost being that he would be the 5th starter. While the talent is there, the durability is not. The Mets have been hamstrung over the last two seasons by the availability (or lack of) of Pedro. Livan at least put up decent numbers before moving on to Colorado. In addition, Livan does not have a guaranteed deal, and you know that wouldn’t have been the case with Pedro. I would have loved him to come back, and have a shot at righting the ship after the last two seasons, but I think parting ways is the better decision.

  2. Brad Bortone Brad Bortone says:


    Please read again. I made no indication that I think Pedro should be a part of the Mets rotation for 2009. I even said that it was time for him to go.

    What I take exception to is how the Mets organization continued to let him flail in the wind, never committing an answer to his status, all the while he sat around waiting for the Mets to make an offer. I realize this probably didn’t make much of a difference in his offseason, but as a professional maneuver, it was poorly handled. As recently as two weeks ago, Pedro was still holding out hope for a job that they never intended to offer him.

    Couple that with the fact that they repeatedly talked of getting younger and healthier, only to sign Freddy Garcia and Livan Hernandez, and you have a very suspicious handling of the situation.

    Pedro, for all his faults and lack of performance in a Mets uniform, deserved more upfront and honest treatment as a person, if not a player.

  3. theSLIDER9 says:

    this is to both of u guys ravi and brad….. what makes the mets better with freddie garcia? im a tiger fan ok? we had garcia he has absolutely nothing left. id take him in a minute. the detroit organization always goes for the older players. i think hed be a good fit in detroit. let him get healthy. i think hes got a couple more years…

  4. Tim Richmond's cough says:

    “Pedro, for all his faults and lack of performance in a Mets uniform, deserved more upfront and honest treatment as a person, if not a player”.

    Are you joking,I feel the Mets needed a few more starts,and more than 1 great year for 53million dollars.Lets rundown a list of a few players,and you tell me if they deserved more “honest” treatment from their teams?
    1 Darren Dreifort
    2 Kevin Brown
    3 Mike Hampton
    4 Carl Pavano
    5 Chan Ho Park

    Now call me crazy,but I don’t think any of the fans of those teams could care less about how they were treated when their contracts were over (thank god).

    In the end,I will go out on a limb and guess if your boss hires you and signs you for 4 years,and you actually work for only 1,chances are the red carpet will not be rolled out for your return.Pedro was great,WAS,certainly not for his 4yr commitment with the Mets.So who cares if he picked up his check with a skimask and a gun.His days in NY are over and his Met money will allow him to fully fund many more cockfights in the not so near future,so don’t cry for Petey.

    RIP Nelson De La Rosa

  5. Brad Bortone says:

    TRC – Greatest…username..ever…

    Good points on the Pedro situation, but I’ll stick to my opinion here. I’m pretty sure that guys like Hampton and Pavano had a better idea of their standing with a team at the end of their contracts than Pedro did. Again, Omar flew down there only a few weeks ago, and though no contract was tendered, there were overtures.

    They left him dangling.

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