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April 20, 2009 at 12:29 pm ET
Why Baseball Needs the Yankees to Fail

Okay, let’s get one thing out of the way — this is not a Yankee hater post. There are plenty of places on these interwebz to find a group of like-minded Bomber loathers, but this isn’t one of them. As a Mets fan, I have no problem saying that the Yankees are a good ballclub — and have been for many, many years now. I don’t hate them, or even root against them…


Still, putting that aside, I believe the time is right for the Yankees, as the prime representative of big market baseball, to come crashing down to earth, solely for the good of the game.

Now, I’m not thinking that CC Sabathia’s auspicious debut, or Mark Teixeira’s less than stellar first weeksテつ in the Bronx are signs of impending doom.テつ They’re not. The Yankees will do like the Yankees always do, and their fans will crave it like pinstriped heroin.

But therein lies the problem. Yankee fans (and fans of every team that tries to emulate their poor model of management) have been preconditioned to think they’re always right, and that their team is always right, regardless of what the organization is actually putting forth.

Naturally, fans think their team is the best — as well they should.テつ But blind support of this nature allows big market teams to continue to plunder their fanbase, gouging their wallets, while making a once-family friendly pastime into an unattainable, prohibitive luxury.

My goal here today is to address the team’s bigger faults, and how they’ve been a detriment to our sport at large.

1. The careless spending needs to stop
Has 1997 taught us nothing?テつ How about 2008? The Rays came into last season expecting to pester the division for a few months before deciding on a quality draft pick.テつ They walked out of the season with grand plans for ’09.テつ The team’s expectations and self-worth increased exponentially during the offseason, but their payroll did not.テつ And though many doubters are calling for a poor follow-up campaign, most of them are just AL East fans living in fear of a repeat.

I’m not ignorant enough to believe that a small-market, low-budget team is going to be better suited for long-term success (I am a Mets fan, after all) — and the Yankees are certainly not alone in spending ridiculous amounts of cash for their teams (see Mets, Red Sox, Angels, Dodgers, et al).テつ But they always seem to top the list, causing any teams looking to build a champion to spend in accordance with the Empire — a scale that continues to shift upward year after year.

I believe that the excessive spending and bloated contract signings do nothing more than create individualistic, chemistry-free locker rooms, which then results in lifeless play on the field.テつ I would bet my entire Bugs salary that while a team like the Rays are a unified bunch, the Yankees take 25 separate Town Cars home each and every night.テつ This lack of chemistry becomes apparent on the field, leaving fans with an overpriced, underperforming group of players that just reek of entitlement.

(Admit it, when the Yanks were giving up 22 runs to Cleveland, some of you were prorating how much that embarrassment cost the team and its fans. It’s okay, you’re not alone…)

With every additional “big” signing, the cost of being a fan rises as well.テつ At last check, a hot dog at the new Yankee Stadium was $6 and a tepid beer was $9.75.テつ A family of four can’t see a game for less than $350, and unless they received corporate tickets or sold a pair of kidneys on eBay, they’re not sitting anywhere near the dugouts either.

Let’s hope that this year’s version of the Rays — be it the Royals, Twins, Athletics or even Tampa again — drives this point home.テつ Think of it this way, if Juniorbrenner Hank is saying that tickets are overpriced, it might be time to revisit a budget meeting. Because in its current state, overspending has done nothing more than tarnish the fan experience, all in the name of “upgrading.”

2. The Yankee Legacy Keeps Baseball Rooted in the Past
Okay, I’ll say what we’re all thinking — we are tired of hearing about 26 championships.テつ Honestly, guys…just stop…no one cares.

Listening to Yankee fans wax poetic about the days of yore is like watching the world’s largest, self-aggrandizing man hug.テつ The only people that want to still hear about these glory days are the same people who won’t shut up about it themselves. Yes, we know the team is the most storied franchise in history. Yes, teams will never come close to 26 world championships.テつ No, it doesn’t mean a thing to anyone in 2009.

Baseball is losing steam, and in many people’s eyes, has been supplanted as the national pastime by NFL football.テつ The exact reasons for this are unclear, but without plagiarizing George Carlin, one can only assume it’s because baseball refuses to grow and remains content to relive past glories, rather than adapt for a more exciting future.テつ And no franchise harps on its past successes more than the Yankees.

Just once, I want to watch a YES broadcast and hear Michael Kay pontificate about that time Robbie Cano made two errors and struck out four times in one game.テつ Or maybe hear Jim Kaat reminisce about the Yankees’ struggles from 1983-89.テつ Perhaps — and this is a longshot — one of them might even imply that there was a time when the Yankees weren’t the center of the sporting universe. You know, like acting all realistic and honest and stuff.

(They only need to look as far as Queens for lessons in broadcast humility.)

A Yankee implosion would allow the rest of the league to see that donning a Yankee jersey isn’t the be-all, end-all of MLB glory. Free agents may not be as willing to sign long-term contracts with a team desperate for bullpen help.テつ Derek Jeter might actually be called out for his array of flaws, rather than lauded for his ability to hit well in the fall.テつ The team would return to earth, and would just be another part of the game we love, rather than a mantlepiece on a crumbling shelf.

And for those guys who just can’t stop reliving the old days? Try talking about more recent history, so we can stop existing solely in the past. Discuss how the Phillies rose like a phoenix to end their championship drought, or how the ’09 Cubs are poised to do the same. Talk to me about how the Marlins continue to be competitive despite shedding payroll and players each winter. Let me hear about how poor planning and farm management has forced the Rangers’ pitching to suffer for more than a decade.

I’ll listen.

But don’t bore me with any more of your, “The Yankees rule now because they ruled in 1959,” chimp logic.テつ Save that self-congratulatory nonsense for those snooty bars uptown.

I know one joint where you can get a beer for $10…

3. This is no longer a Yankee world
Sure, they still lead the league in bootlegged merchandise. But the Yanks, despite the best efforts of their accountants, haven’t won a World Series since they ousted the overachieving Mets in 2000.テつ Since then, towers fell, priorities changed, and the national economy has gone the way of last night’s taco binge.テつ Yet the team continues to spend, flaunt their wares, and live in a vacuum that ignores the realities of life in America today. And that’s fine. Baseball isn’t real life, and the Yanks have every right to use their money any which way they see fit. I’m not arguing this.

I am arguing that America may no longer care.

In a nation that now sports an 8.5% unemployment rate and a near universal hiring freeze, are we still looking to the Yankees to be our heroes of escapism?テつ Do we ignore the fact that the team doesn’t acknowledge the very real economic struggle that happens (literally steps) outside its gilded gates?

Or do we start pulling for the underdogs? The teams working with 15% of the Yankee payroll and 15 times the heart.テつ The guys making the league minimum, who – with a few swings of the bat – make that really big free agent look really, really small. Teams like The ’08 Rays, the ’07 Rox and the perpetually hard luck Royals — three teams that maintain, struggle and survive in a sport increasingly driven by salary demands and contract negotiations.テつ Yeah, those guys.

Now, I’m not ignorant. I know that a 20-year old making the league minimum pockets more in a week than most of us see in a year. We know baseball isn’t reality. But if I’m Joe America, looking for work to feed my family, who am I going to relate to more — the scrappy upstarts fighting against the system for respect?テつ Or their tyrannical bosses, mocking them as they try, lighting cigars with $100 bills along the way?

Yeah, I feel the same way.

If baseball fandom is on the decline, while salaries and monopolization continue to rise, maybe it’s time MLB acknowledged that the Yankee way (which in turn has become the way of so many other teams) may be hurting our pastime more than they know.

A Yankee collapse in 2009 won’t solve this — not by a longshot. But it would help bring a modicum of balance to the league, clarity to free agents and a sense of hope to the smaller organizations who are hungry for their own taste of big time success.

It’s time for new traditions to happen, and new dynasties to be born, even if it has to come at the expense of sacred cows like the New York Yankees.

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24 Responses to “Why Baseball Needs the Yankees to Fail”
  1. frank says:

    “a mantlepiece on a crumbling shelf”? Good thing you weren’t doing a yankee rip piece. I can only imagine what that would sound like.

  2. jstuda says:

    Yeah, um, do you have any idea how much money the Yankees make other teams between the attendance they draw in other parks and the luxury taxes they pay? Meanwhile, the Rays of the world still draw jack. No, baseball would not be well served by the Yankees failing.

    Also, it irks me to no end how some people react indignantly to the fact the Yankees spent a lot of money on their team in a recession. Hello? Do you people know anything about economics? What lifts an economy out of a recession? Spending! If other enterprises in the broader economy had the confidence the Yankees had in their product, times wouldn’t be so tough.

  3. Dirty Water says:

    “Yeah, um, do you have any idea how much money the Yankees make other teams between the attendance they draw in other parks and the luxury taxes they pay”

    God, that statement pisses the shit out of me. Jstuda, douchebag, care to guess how instrumental Papa Stein has been in skyrocketing player costs? And I’m not just talking about paying $22m a year for an above average 1st horseface either. I’m talking about every-damn-thing the guy has ever touched. Every draft, every International FA, every source of players, period. This guy, and likewise his organization, has done more to harm baseball than needles x infinity. I only hope he dies off soon because god knows his silver spoon kids ain’t thinking about paying the estate tax. Good riddance to the Steins. Rot. In. hell.

    Good post, Bortone.

  4. casual observer says:

    the yankees are not the end all except in those limited parts of New York that are blinded by the past. Fans around the country want to see the best teams, and that has left the Bombers out for some time. Despite ESPN’s best efforts, the average baseball fan wants to see his local team first and then the leaders of the pennant races.Let them spend and charge, it just makes their fans look foolish for paying those outrageous dollars for an average product.

  5. Donna says:

    Wow, if that wasn’t a Yankee hate piece, then don’t let me see when it really is. The best man will get to the friggin’ finish and when it’s my Yankees I hope you eat crow for a month.
    You don’t see me going around talking about how I want this person and that person to fail, and trust me I could. I hate your damn Mets, I hate the Bo-Sux, but I still believe that the best man wins, and that’s who it shall be.

    So take your rant and leave it outta the Bronx.

  6. Cam Martin says:

    Donna, if the best man always wins, then the yankees have been maids of honor for the last decade.

  7. dude abides says:

    I call bullSh#@t in this post and some of these comments. Let’s walk through some facts

    – if you look at the Yankees world series run from 1996-2001, almost all the players came up from the farm system (Jeter, Pettitte, Rivera, Posada, Williams) or trades (Tino, Broscius, O’Neil, Clemens, Ledee, Knoblauch, Spencer, etc). Wells and Cone are the few exceptions to this.
    – The first large free agent signings by the Yankees during that period were to retain their existing players (Williams, Jeter, Mariano). In fact, the first major new signing was Giambi in 2001/2002.
    – When you look at the Williams signing in 1998/99, the Yankees were negotiating against窶ヲ.gee, the Red Sox. Remember that?
    – And how did Manny get to the Red Sox at the end of 2000, magically fall off a tree? Or was it $160M?
    – And if you look before the CC signing, all the $100M+ pitchers were signed by other teams – Yohan (Mets), Zito (Giants), Brown (LA), Hampton (Rockies). No sign of the Yankees in those signings, eh?
    – So how much was the DiceK contract was for?? $103M dollars, half the Yankees payroll! Geez.
    – And if you look at the how the Yankees got most of their current players, most of them are from trades or farm system (Posada, Cano, Jeter, Arid, Swisher, Gardner, Nady 窶 That窶冱 7 of 10 or 11 position players), and almost all of their bullpen (Rivera, Bruney, Ramirez). Two of their starters from the farm system and one more originated from there (Pettitte).

    While you窶决e at it, why don窶冲 you blame the Yankees for overinflated home prices, ridiculous equity valuations in the dot com era, $145+ oil in 2009, Enron, etc. It窶冱 laughable. And pathetic.

    Dirty, if you want to go one saying ONLY the Yankees are evil, that the Red Sox are all good, keep deluding yourself, along with Chalk. Unless you root for the KC Royals, you are a hypocrite. Baseball is a business and Epstein and John Henry know exactly what they are doing, and frankly, they do an excellent job of it. Perhaps the best in baseball. But don窶冲 fool yourself, no one is dragging them to the money trough.

    I窶冦 open to hearing statistical analysis or well thought out research that shows otherwise as I don窶冲 have the time to dive into this. But how about one that looks at the impact of lowballing the system (Royals and formerly the Rays) or fire sales when a team gets too expensive (Marlins) or those that you need a scorecard to keep track of the revolving door of players (A窶冱). Nice if you like low attendance (there is a correlation between the two).

    You can try enjoying the game. Or you can go off on mindless rants. What next, 9/11 and moon landing conspiracies?

  8. Tony says:

    1) We do not need to worry about excessive spending…Obama will bail them out as well
    2) All this bickering about who’s got better stats, who’s a better team just helps prove the female species right about males
    3) What’s wrong with a self-aggrandizing man hug?
    4) Exactly how much is the Bugs salary? I mean, you could be talking pennies on the dollar in which case, no thanks
    5) The rich get richer (and a bailout and bonuses), the poor get federally funded programs, and the middle class gets a pounding from the rear using railroad spikes and poison ivy as a lube.
    6) No matter your take…it was a very well written article (I mean who uses words like self-aggrandizing in normal conversation…yep, I had to look that one up!
    7) 9/11 conspiracies are overrated and have been proven false as well as the moon landings…the REAL conspiracies are in utilizing alien technology to advance human species, cold fusion, and running a car on water…
    8) I do agree that football seems to have taken over as the national past time

  9. Dirty Water says:

    I don’t know what kind of statistics you need, Dude. Stats, except those brought by needles (another infraction the Yanks apparently pioneered) have nothing to do with my point.

    A couple of things you posted I have issues with.

    I’m not necessarily talking about the past (why is it all Yank fans live there?), I’m especially talking about the ridiculousness of this past off-season. You know, the one where just about every ownership group became frugal in lieu of the economy yet your Yanks paid out record amounts anyway. Thanks to those irresponsible purchases, they now employ the most expensive Catcher, Starter, 1B, SS, 3B and Closer in the game. And they still suck.

    You mention how fruitful their farmsystem had been in the past (of course) but you fail to acknowledge that Jeter, Pettitte, Rivera, Posada and Williams were all drafted while Papa Stein was suspended from baseball. Since he is the guy I am most disgusted with, I don’t believe this particular argument of yours is relevant.

    If Stein was in charge then; if Michael was not, would those players had developed and prospered? History says no.

    While on that subject, exactly how many has that farmsystem produced since the reinstatement? And let’s not include guys like Lilly, Navarro, Nick Johnson and many, many others. They were dumped for expensive chaff, if you don’t recall.

    Dice? I believe the Boston partners overbid for 2 reasons. One, he is worth the cost, team payroll does not reflect that posting fee. 2, the Yanks wanted him (settling for Kei Igawa instead after being trumped, for once, by The Good Guys). Boston’s posting fee had to account for the Stein’s interest. That’s my take, but even if not true his acquisition has apparently made Boston the place to be for many Japanese imports. In other words, this money was well spent.

  10. Jeff says:

    Here’s what I hate about the whole “don’t bring up the past” argument. All the assholes that whine about it are the ones that usually bring up the past. If you bring up the past when arguing with a Yanks fan, you will lose, period!!!!

    Want an example, you need only look as far as Cam’s retarded post above: “Donna, if the best man always wins, then the yankees have been maids of honor for the last decade.” OK dipshiat, let’s have a little look at that brain diarrhea. This just in: the last decade goes back to 1999, since then the Yanks have won as many WS as any other team, REALLY? Oh, what’s that, and they’ve also been to twice as many as the next team on the list, HMMM. Care to rephrase that comment, stupid??? And why arbitrarily only the last decade, CAM? Well that’s because you know it would be even more ridiculous to bring up the last 15 years, amirite? You fuckers whine about us bringing up the past??????? Donna, says they best man wins and talks about this up-coming year…stupid-ass brings up the past and can’t even put together a cogent thought….typical.

  11. Jeff says:

    Dirty, with regard to your last paragraph…all I hear is “It’s OK when we do it, just not when the Yanks do”. You can come up with something better than that, can’t you? Why is it OK for the SOX to spend over $100M on one player, but when the Yanks do it you get your silk panties all bunched up?

    Oh yeah, I’d also like to point out that all of your comments refer to the past….just looking for some consistency from the haters here. If you hate Yanks fans bringing up the past, the least you could do is refrain from doing the same.

  12. Dirty Water says:

    There’s a difference between paying one marque player gobs of cash and paying the highest league salaries at C, 1B, SS, 3RD, SP and RP. Not that I consider Dice, a guy making $6.33m a year yet outperforming far more expensive starters ‘expensive’.

  13. dude abides says:

    Dirty, the $52M was not even remotely close to the $39M by the Mets and the $32M by the Yankees so stop sniffing glue dude. And I guess Stienbrenner held a gun to Dan Duquette’s head when he signed Manny for $160M, right. Because the Red Sox would have never made they deal if it weren’t for the Yankees….riiiiight. And I have a bridge to sell you.

    As far as our farm system, last time I checked, Cano was batting .377, Cabrera was batting .294, and most of their bullpen (save Albaladejo, Bruney, and Marte) comes from the farm system. Joba has struggled this year but with a .240 career ERA, I’m not worried. Gardner seems to be holding his own in CF. Not bad, but completely dispels the delusional myth that ALL the Yankees do is sign free agents. Plus we don’t make trades. Suuuuure.

    As far as the farm system, do you want to tell me where Youkilis, Lowell, Bay, Drew, Ortiz, Green, Beckett, Wakefield, Penny, Matsuzaka, Okajima, Ramon Ramirez, Saito, and Smoltz came from??? Your flawed logic is laughable, bordering on pathetic.

    As far your comments that the Yankees “still suck”, we seem to be .5 games ahead of you. Still waaay to early to see how the season goes, but if we suck right now, you suck worse (your so-called logic, not mine).

    Look forward to your next mindless, psychoneurotic rant when they let you out of the flat earth society.

  14. Dirty Water says:

    How do you know what the Mets and Yanks bid? As far as I know, only the winning bid was revealed. And for the last time, Youk is a product of the Sox farm system. The same can be said about Dice and Oki as they were drafted, technically.

    The rest of those guys you mention, except for Lowell, were brought in at little expense, and in a few cases, namely Ortiz, Lowell and Wake, were sure-as-shit developed by the Sox because their careers were in jeopardy before their signings. Compare that to the Stein’s approach with a guy like, say, Sabathia:

    CC ‘I don’t want to play here but I need you to bid my price up’
    Cashboy ‘we really need you and will pay you accordingly’
    CC ‘Did you miss the part about me not wanting to play here?’
    Cashboy ‘No, but we have unlimited dollars to offer’
    CC ‘Yeah, but I really don’t want to play for you’
    Cashboy ‘Ok, we’ll increase our offer’
    CC ‘But I really don’t want to play for you. I’ll get fatter. Promise’
    Cashboy ‘Then we’ll offer you an out-clause so you only have to put up with us for 3 years’
    CC ‘3 years is a long time’
    Cashboy ‘Ok, we’ll not only give you that out-clause but we’ll also pay you even more money’
    CC *hedging*
    Cashboy ‘..and free passes at Dunkin Donuts’
    CC ‘Ok, but 3 years is the limit’

  15. ken k says:

    Hmmm…for someone who says that no one cares about the Yanks, you sure spent a lot of time writing this article. And I am willing to bet that far more people read this article than usually read your other stuff–simply because it is about the yankees.

    You sound like a whiny 7 year old who is exceedingly jealous of his older brother and is tired of standing in his glorious shadow. ‘Wah Wah Wah, this isn’t fair, the Yankees get too much attention, I want my blankey..’
    Get over it and grow a pair! The Yankees are good for baseball–you either love them or love to hate them and cherish every rare victory your team has over them. A good rivalry is one of the greatest things about baseball. Rivalries are what get people excited and passionate about the game, and the Yanks are everyone’s rival!

    Now, I have to say something about the money thing. People always complain about how much money the Yankees spend on their roster. I get it. But that is what we call c.a.p.i.t.a.l.i.s.m–That is how we do it in America. There are other options–check out Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea, and China. Capitalism sucks if you don’t have that kind of money, but if your team did–you wouldn’t be complaining (survival of the fittest).

    Everything that you said was nothing but an incarnation of your bitter jealousy. As a Mets fan you are probably carrying the pain of back-to-back crash and burn seasons. Quit your crying and learn to be content with the amount of attention that your silly little league team (Mets) receives.

  16. Where do I start? It’s good that we have great writers and that’s what you are in terms of format, word selection etc. However, the reality is half of these writers haven’t played the game, nor do they have a clue about the game itself in the slightest bit.

    One thing that is becoming a message board famous quote is “I DON’T MEAN TO BE AN A$$ BUT” when essentially that is exactly what you are attempting to be. The same goes with the opening line of this article “let窶冱 get one thing out of the way 窶 this is not a Yankee hater post.” As you being a Met’s fan and the so called ugly step child of the greatest city in the country you couldn’t be anything but a hater.

    First and foremost you can get ANY idea out of your head that the Yankees losing would be good for baseball. The reality is there are about 5 teams in the ENTIRE LEAGUE that actually churn a profit at years end. If it wasn’t for the Yankees being competitive, spending money, improving ball parks, having their own TV station there wouldn’t be as many Yankee fans. That equation of less fans only means one thing….Less dollars to revenue share with the remaining 85% of the teams in the league that lose money on a yearly basis. The MLB deficit has been speculated to be close to a whopping 500-Billion dollars which has mostly accumulated from the great number of unprofitable franchises.

    When we had the strike shortened year in 94′ 28 of the 30 owners wanted to eliminate a handful of teams. That should be the case here, not hope the good teams do poorly. Now, I know there will be that 1% of raging Royals, Rays, and Nationals fans but honestly none of those cities deserve teams. They don’t support the teams, and they don’t put good products on the field historically. You could add a few more in there like the Reds, and Pirates and we could eliminate 5 teams who are the biggest dollar losing teams in the entire league. You then would delegate those players to the remaining teams and you would see the competition even out and a crap load of MORE talented players filling these uniforms. Don’t be surprised if you see this in the future.

    The next thing I will touch on is the current Yankee season. I think it is great how people continue to hate on them, and that is what people at the top get. This Franchise has won World Series after World Series and yet the biggest haters are Red Sox and Cubs fans. Do I need to go any further? As a Yankee fan take a step back and look at the season thus far as we sit in second place at (9-6). We started the first 9 games of the season on the road and were the last team in the league to have a home opener. 3 of our current 6 loses can be attributed to one player coming off surgery to his plant foot. If I really need to tell you who you窶决e not a true Yankee fan but here is a hint… (ERA CLOSE TO 35). The next factor is the Yankees have had a bad time the last few seasons hitting lefties. Their lineup is predominately LEFTIES and that is the reason they picked up Nady last season and Tex this year. When you have your best two lefty hitters out of the lineup in A-Rod and Nady you have to love where we are at. With Wang single handedly losing your team 3-Games, possibly one of the best players of all time out of your lineup in A-Rod, Nady a career .286 hitter and over .300 against lefties Yankee fans should be thrilled with this start.

    This is probably the most comments you have received from an article of yours, maybe continue to write about the Yankees and you can thank them at the end of the year like the rest of MLB franchises do.

  17. Dirty Water says:

    Maybe it’s just me but I would not brag about how economically vital the Yanks are to baseball until the organization can spin a profit first, or book net equity on their balance sheet without those troublesome parenthesis, or field a team that can at least challenge for a playoff spot. Or, hell, at least fill its stadium on opening day.

    BTW, all three of the teams you arrogantly denounce actually sold out their stadium for opening day. The Yanks, not so much. Apparently, in a city of 22 million people they cannot find 50 thousand who want to attend games.

    Good luck with that.

  18. Tony C says:

    Can’t we all just get along?!

    How about this: what athlete is worth the coin they are making? I cannot think of too many (exception being Michael Jordan, maybe) who are worth that much coin.

    I personally do not think that ANY athlete is worth the millions we pay…if we stretch that scenario, then any police officer, firefighter, nurse, garbageman, janitor who excels at the job should be paid millions…have endorsements etc….

    So there!

  19. Jeff says:

    C’mon dirty, even you know your last post was quite disingenuous. The fact that the stadium has not sold out has absolutely nothing to do with the fans wanting to attend games. You know it has everything to do with more poor decision making by ownership. If the tickets were priced to target the real fans, the stadium would be sold out. Ownership failed miserably and will have to make a change next year. I’m not by any means defending them, the price hike phucked me over too, but for you to pin it on the fans is ridiculous and we both know it.

  20. Dirty Water says:

    Maybe so but you have to admit that it’s pretty funny seeing all those empty seats. I like Giambi’s reference to the new stadium being the Titanic. Hilarious.

  21. Jeff says:

    I don’t find it funny, but I know why everyone else does. I think those dolts in the front office destroyed the atmosphere (at least in part). Every time I see those empty seats it makes me want to punch those pole-smokers. It’s really a slap in the face to all of the fans that made the new stadium possible. Remember the Yankee Stadium in the 80’s and early 90’s…..if it looked like that the last 15 years, there would be no new stadium.

  22. Jeff says:

    BTW, how long will it take the folks at B&C to realize that a Yankee writer might be beneficial? Seems that all of the high volume posts are somehow Yankee related, of course I am a bit biased.

  23. Dirty Water says:

    Where do I volunteer?

  24. Jeff says:

    I bet you could garner more of a following than some of the other writers around here. Not trying to sound like a pompous ass, but I can’t remember the last time I’ve read posts by some of the writers here.

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