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May 3, 2008 at 12:02 pm ET
Latest Sox Snoozer Reiterates my Point

Led by the direction of southsidesox.com’s “The Cheat,” quite a few White Sox fans chimed in with their opinions about my argument for Jerry Owens being brought up and inserted into the starting lineup in order to inject the lineup with some much-needed speed.

Would anyone really notice the difference if this ugly guy were inserted into the current Sox lineup?With only one or two exceptions, commenter after commenter either blasted my intelligence or claimed I must have been writing sarcastically. Folks, there was definitely no sarcasm intended. This lineup is in desperate need for speed and last night’s discouraging 2-0 loss to Toronto only made this point more clear to me.

Even “The Cheat” himself was calling for Jerry Owens to get a shot after watching the offense sleepwalk through at bats against Shaun Marcum. The only difference was that he thinks Jermaine Dye should go on the DL in order to instigate the call to Owens.

How about demoting Brian Anderson today in order to make the call for Owens immediately. Ozzie can worry about whether to sit Dye, Carlos Quentin or Paul Konerko on a day-to-day basis. Given the health issues of Dye and Konerko, I think Quentin would still get plenty of at bats.

The fact is that as soon as I saw Marcum get into a good rhythm early, I knew the Sox were in for a tough night. Orlando Cabrera had himself a nice night, collecting two hits and being robbed of a third. The rest of the lineup went 0-25 with 11 strikeouts.

Obviously, Marcum had nasty stuff working for him. We’ll never know if Jerry Owens would have been able to disrupt the flow of the game with a bunt hit or by beating out a hit in the hole. But I would have at least felt like we had a chance to do something to break him out of his rhythm.

Hopefully the Sox can bounce back with some home runs today against Jesse Litch to get themselves back on track. I have a feeling Sunday’s game against Roy Halladay could be another snoozer.

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20 Responses to “Latest Sox Snoozer Reiterates my Point”
  1. Eddie says:

    Jerry Owens sucks

  2. J Rose says:

    I’ve been following your team since the infamous Jerry Owens post, and it’s laughable to me that all those commenters so vehemently disagreed with your suggestion.

    I mean your leadoff hitter is batting .216 (although he has a decent .369 OBP
    thanks to 23 walks), and the combination of Thome (.221) and Dye (.273), who each struck out 3 times last night, look frighteningly old and slow. Even Quentin (1 for his last 10) is in a mini slump.

    Maybe it will take a prolonged slump by Quentin and a complete breakdown by the fossils playing DH and RF before people come over to your side, but games like the one last night only further illustrate the validity of your point.

  3. Jeremy says:

    By and large count me among those who think Pods was given too much credit in ’05, and generally agrees with the sabermetric crowd. However, as a White Sox fan watching this team flail about without success at the plate game after game, let’s at least see what Owens can do. Dye is in a year+ long slump. Konerko, who I love, has been even worse. Thome looks cooked, and Uribe obviously has incriminating photos of Ozzie. I know BA isn’t the best stat, but I’m pretty sure no team has had sustained success having the lowest avg. in the league. Where does Owens go? I have no idea, but that’s why the manager gets paid. At this point I don’t see how inserting someone with no power could make things any worse than it’s been. After all, all the power in the world does you no good if you aren’t hitting the ball at all. Even if it’s just a few times a week, this team needs something to shake it up. Long term, no, Owens isn’t the answer. Short-term, what the heck do they have to lose? (Writing this as the immortal Jesse Litsch is working on a 1-hitter through 5)

  4. Tanner Boyle says:

    If his name were Dave Roberts would you be this interested in squeezing him in to the lineup. If not, then back to the drawing board. If you want some speed give Alexei Ramirez a go and sit Juan Uribe.

    Or try and deal Dye, Thome or Konerko for some pitching. Sitting one of those guys for Fields would be a step backwards but the White Sox might not be above that.

    The other reason to make this move is that you are completely convinced that Konerko, Dye, Swisher and Cabrera wont pull their averages over 230 for the season. If you think they just might be in a slump then you might want to sit still and let their skill take over from the luck.

  5. Jeremy says:

    Konerko can’t be traded (just went 10/5), nor do I want him to be. You’re not going to get anything for Dye or Thome right now anyway,and I don’t want to see them traded, anyway. What I’m saying is that right now the team isn’t hitting at all (kind of like last season…), and you have 2 guys on the roster (Ramirez and Anderson) that aren’t being used. So plug somebody in there for a few days, see what happens. I’m not saying the vets will never get it turned around, or that I want any of the regulars benched for good (other than Uribe). It’s not a “Jerry Owens is my hero and the answer to all our problems” thing. As a frustrated fan, it’s a “what could it possibly hurt at this point to give someone else a couple games and see if some fresh blood can’t help kick-start something?” thing.

  6. Tanner Boyle says:

    Or just let hitters hit… and stop moaning about it but that would make for a crappy blog.

    If you are playing blackjack, and you are getting your ass kicked, do you stop hitting the 6 against the 10. If you have busted five times in a row, you might feel better not hitting (and god forbid you win that hand and decide it is a smart play) but it is still the wrong play.

  7. John Renneke says:

    If it were a younger Dave Roberts, I would consider him. Not the current dinosaur however.

    Of course the team is going to break out of its funk and start putting up some crooked numbers again. That’s not the point. The point is that these long offensive dryspells are going to be common throughout the year unless you have some speed to offset the down times. OC needs someone to play smallball with and Owens could be the perfect fit at the top of the lineup. If they’re anything close to what Pods-Gooch were in 2005, the Sox could have a special offense as the rest of the lineup should be better. That is, if they can upgrade Uribe at second. I don’t know that Alexei or Richar have proven than can be any more productive though and at least Uribe is giving them solid D at second.

  8. babaoje says:

    Why is that turtle standing it up? its like he’s mutating, reaching young adulthood, and taking martial arts lessons. I think I’ve heard of this before…

  9. Eddie says:

    Fuck the heck?! Since when is a .369 OBP for a leadoff hitter only considered “decent”??? Lets just trade Swish for that turd Juane Pierre and his billion steals!!!

  10. J Rose says:


    when he isn’t hitting his weight (.210 – 215lbs), has struck out more times than he has walked (27 – 23) and he has as many steals (1) as Manny Ramirez, Adam Dunn and Miguel Cabrera.

    Fuck the heck, that answer your question?

  11. Eddie says:

    J Rose…who cares in the way that he makes an out? It matters how often he makes that out far more than the manner in which it happens.

  12. J Rose says:

    is that really your arguement? Cause if so, it sucks.

    Leadoff hitters are supposed to steal bases. Leadoff hitters are supposed to walk more than they strikeout. More importantly, leadoff hitters are supposed to HIT.

    There’s no way you can look at those numbers and say Swisher is a leadoff hitter, .369OBP or not.

  13. Steve says:

    Man… the Sox could lose 100 games this year and Jerry Owens would STILL not be the answer. I love how he’s the magical glue for this team, yet he’s hitting in the .240s in AAA. Get over yourself.

  14. J Rose says:

    Attention all you myopic commenters (yes that means you, Steve and Eddie),

    The point of John’s original post was not that Jerry Owens is the sole answer to solving the Sox offensive woes, nor an indictment on that fabulous phenom you have in your lineup, Carlos Quentin (who is now in a 2-19 slump, with both hits being homers, of course)

    It was merely a suggestion as a way to improve a painfully slow, homer happy, one-dimensional offense by adding another element to the mix, namely speed.

    I don’t believe that he or anyone else in favor of this viewpoint believe that Owens would be the magic cure-all for the problem. It was an idea, a spark of thought as to what could be done to help improve the team.

    I have a feeling that if the Chisox decided to trade Dye and Owens for someone like Brian Roberts, Renneke would be all for it, not penning a post saying “why the fuck did they trade Jerry!?”

    So Steve, why don’t you get over yourself and try to come up with an original thought of your own instead of slamming someone else’s?

    BTW, wonder if they could’ve used a speedy leadoff hitter in that 1-0 loss tonight?

  15. Steve says:

    J Rose,

    In the very title of John’s original post, he said the Rx for the Sox Offense was Jerry Owens.

    A prescription normally indicates that things will be fixed. A guy hitting .240 in AAA with a career .315 slugging percentage is not going to help anything.

    Why don’t you take your lame moniker and get the hell out of here.

  16. John Renneke says:

    J Rose, I appreciate the support but you don’t need to start a slapfest with my fellow Sox fans. We don’t always agree with how our team should be improved, but we are all passionate about our team and I’m glad to have them reading and commenting on my stuff…positive or negative.

    BTW, if the Sox were to trade Owens AND Dye for Roberts, I would be irate! Owens is a young speedster that is only going to get better while Roberts is an old speedster that is only going to get slower as the HGH wears off. I wouldn’t made that trade straight up let alone with Dye.

    Steve, the Rx was to cure the “slow Sox” meaning that it would greatly improve their team speed. Whether or not Owens helps the team wins games is the debate but whether or not it improves their speed is indisputable.

  17. J Rose says:

    Steve and John,

    You are both absolutely right. I am going to stop providing my unsolicited opinions on a team I care nothing about and go back to commenting on my Sox, a 1st place club with a lineup chock full of speed, power, and high OBP guys.

    In the meantime I will try to come up with a more creative and thought-provoking moniker, something like, say…Steve.

    Good luck with your dilemma.

  18. Steve says:


    Just wanted to point out that Owens as a “young speedster” is a tad off. Owens is 27 years old.

    Also, he doesn’t play 2B and doesn’t have a history of success like Brian Roberts.

  19. John Renneke says:

    I’m aware of his age Steve. The difference though between 27 and 31 is pretty significant in baseball terms. A 27-year-old has his best years directly in front of him while a 31-year-old typically has his best years immediately behind him.

    I would be awesome if Owens could play 2B.

  20. Steve says:

    Well, I completely agree that if Owens played 2B we’d all be happy.

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