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June 24, 2008 at 8:37 am ET
Devil Rays Fans: Best &/Or Sexiest Sign Ever?

Rays Index brings us this screenshot of the lovely and creative Devil Rays fans who were named “The Energized Fans Of The Game” on Friday.


My immediate reaction was best/sexiest sign ever.

Just to check, I conferred with some of my associates here at B&C to see what might possibly compare. Here are their responses in the order in which they were received:

Andy Lenartz, seconded by Andy Smith:

Andrea Reiher:

“I’d Stop the World and Rolen with You”

“Rolen on My River”

“Rolen, Rolen, Rolen, Rawhide *whipcrack*”

Those may just be ones in my head, though.

Cameron Martin:

I was always partial to the “Jeter has AIDS” signs you’d see at Fenway. Or were those T-shirts? Either way, they made me happy.

Michael “Meech” Milici:

From the weirdos over at The Sexy Crimes. And I mean “weirdos” in the nicest possible way….

Herija Green:

I’ve seen the obligatory “I love Cox” signs at the Cox Arena.

Adam Charles:

A couple of Duke fans tried to show some pride on the road in College Park and had this happen to them:


So, I think the moral of the story is that Devil Rays fans are the best, most creativest, sexiest fans in all the land. Here’s more proof from last year’s Disco Night contest against Cleveland:

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16 Responses to “Devil Rays Fans: Best &/Or Sexiest Sign Ever?”
  1. Adam C says:

    No, the moral of the story is that by nature, Rays fans, like all other bandwagon fans, are dirty stinkin’ whores (no offense to dirty stinkin’ whores who aren’t Rays fans).

  2. J Rose says:

    Just wondering: why is it that fans who support teams when they are winning are called bandwagoners but fans who go to games of perrennially horrid clubs, like the Royals and Pirates, are called losers?

    Why can’t people face the fact that every team has a core group of diehard fans, and the rest come out to spend their hard earned money when the club actually seems like it deserves the support.

    The term ‘bandwagon’ is so 90s.

  3. Chalk says:

    I would think fans of teams full of overpaid mercenaries would be more likely to have fanbases filled with whores, because they could identify with them.
    While I’m sure no one in any of these pictures is a whore, I can certainly defend the young lady with the Balfour sign against the accusation of being a bandwagoner.
    She came out to a game with a sign LAST september when the team was probably 30 games under .500 with a sign supporting/hitting on an Australian relief pitcher acquired at the trade deadline when the team was 20 games under .500 — now there’s a true fan.

  4. Adam C says:

    Bandwagon is so 90s? Tell that to the state of Massachusetts. I know there are a shitload of fans from that state who waited years to have it’s teams do as well as they have, but you can’t tell me that their fanbases haven’t at least doubled in the 21st century.

    I absolutely understand the meaning of die hard fan, not just because I was a Yankees fan when they weren’t doing so hot in the late eighties, but because I have also been a lifelong fan of the Texas Rangers, and trust me, that takes dedication. And for the record, I don’t really think the Rays have that many bandwagon fans – not if their attendance is any reflection.

    If fans don’t want to be called names, maybe they should write something a little more classy on their signs, it is supposed to be a family atmosphere, after all.

    And Chalk, if you don’t want to hear shit-talk, then you’re welcome to stop talking shit about other teams and their fans. Nah, didn’t think so.

  5. J Rose says:

    I’m not arguing that the fanbases increase when teams start winning, but I am saying that’s just the nature of sports.

    Sports is entertainment for many people, not life and death like it is for most of us readers here. So if the casual fan doesn’t want to drop $100+ bucks to go to a game, buy a jersey or order the Extra Innings package until the product on the field warrants it, so what? Does that make them less of fans? No, they’re just different types of fans. They want to be entertained, and let’s face it, losing teams are NOT entertaining, except in a morbid sense.

    You and I might live and die with our teams, which is fine for us, but in this economy how can anyone crack on a fan for being a bandwagoner? To me it seems like they might just be the only sane ones left.

  6. Adam C says:

    Rose, I don’t really take the bandwagon thing seriously unless it’s pushed in my face, and that was not the case here. To think that people are only allowed to start rooting for a team when they aren’t doing well is absurd. The thing I actually did have a problem with is the lack of class in the signs in, like I said, a family atmosphere. I know that there are worse things going on in ballparks, but I’m trashing the people holding the signs because that was what was brought to my attention in this blog, and the fact that those fans were made out to be such wonderful people. And I also enjoy fucking with Chalk since he enjoys so much to trash a team that I happen to like.

  7. J Rose says:

    I hear what you’re saying Adam, but you’re initial comment was “Rays fans, like all other bandwagon fans, are dirty stinkin’ whores”

    That’s where my defense of so-called bandwagon fans came from. The main problem with calling random people in pictures and team gear bandwagoners is you have no idea if that person is a bandwagon fan or not. So it’s sort of like sports stereotyping.

    Just like Chalk pointed out, that last picture was taken from last year when the Rays were the wrost team in the league.

    And if that chick is a bandwagoner, well I’m ready to jump on board!

  8. Adam C says:

    “Bandwagon fans” is more or less a stereotypical phrase, and when a team experiences out of the ordinary success, that term is generally used as a way to demean, regardless of it’s truthfulness. I don’t think it gets more demeaning than my initial comment, and since you’re making me explain everything, you’re taking away from my enjoyment of bashing Chalk. You’re killing me, Smalls!

  9. J Rose says:

    Alright, let’s drop it. And don’t worry, you’ll have plenty more chances to bash Chalk.

  10. elijah dukes says:

    look at it this way at least for this year the tampa bay rays have fans…if for some reason the rays have another winning season next year then you can talk all you want about bandwagon fans…i think for this year be glad the home team actually has fans to root for the team…as i recall most fans who visited the park last year rooted for the visiting team…

  11. Dirty Water says:

    I see the sexual connotation but still do not get the message; ‘Rays, wanna sign my sweet spot’? I mean, really, WTF is that supposed to mean? Is it a reference to autographing the sweet spot of a bat, but in this case her vag instead? I also wonder if she drove her trailer to the game.

  12. David Chalk David Chalk says:

    Adam C — do you really seriously mean “The thing I actually did have a problem with is the lack of class in the signs in, like I said, a family atmosphere.”?
    Would you cover your kids eyes if that came up on the TV? If you were at the games, would you call them shameless hussies? Seriously?
    Those women are wonderful human beings, shining examples of creativity and class. No little kids are going to discover devious sexual lifestyles from a little innuendo in a sign.
    Bash me all you like, but please do not besmirch the good names of any of the fine ladies of Devil Ray Town.

  13. Sign Girl says:

    Adam C- Thanks for pathetic insight as to who I am as a human being and a Rays fan. Believe it or not, I’ve been going to the Rays games for the past 5 years and yes if you can do that math correctly, that is BEFORE they started winning. So you have zero right to call me a “bandwagon dirty stinkin’ whore”.
    And like Chalk said, you can read into the sign how ever you like. And is it really so difficult for parents to explain to their child that the Sweet Spot is a particular location on the bat or ball? Didn’t think so…

  14. Adam C says:

    My apologies Sign Girl. You are absolutely right. What I should have said was “attention whore”. And now that you’ve written, it should be “attention whore who doesn’t know how to comprehend a thorough explanation written over several posts”.

  15. Loved the Sign Fan says:

    Adam – You are just jealous that no girl would ask you to sign their “sweet spot”! Any true baseball fan would know that it means the spot on the baseball/bat in which gets autographed! The connetation can be a little eye cathching and guess what, I bet she got some kick ass autographs (on the ball, not the vag)!

  16. Adam C. says:

    Alright, I can admit when I’m wrong. While the signs and fans holding them aren’t as fantastic as Chalk made them out to be, they weren’t as bad as I made them out to be either, and it was honorable for him to show support and pride in Rays fans. But since Chalk enjoys to trash Yankees fans without respect to the ones who aren’t douchebags, my intent was to return the favor. And now I have made myself out to be one of the douchebags. My apologies to fans of the Rays. Anyone who can support a team not worth supporting year in and year out has my respect, and deserves the team they currently have. I honestly have nothing against you – but I do wish the Rays were in another division.

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