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May 4, 2009 at 6:23 pm ET
Longoria And Maddon Were 100% Right To Call Out Fan

I didn’t really think this was worthy of commenting upon, but who am I to deny a request from All-Star Comment Leaver Jeff:

Why donテ「竄ャ邃「t you write an article about what a couple of whiny bitches Maddon and Longoria are? Canテ「竄ャ邃「t think of another player and coach that call out fans for trying to catch foul balls in the stands. What a pair of homo[phobic slur]s. I guess it figures, though, probably the first time that douchefan has ever been to a game.

Now, I really hate to disagree with Jeff, The Mayor Of Devil Ray Town and ‘Duk of Big League Stew all in one sitting, but I have to make an exception here.テつ For Christsakes, there were two outs in the bottom of the 9th in a 5-3 game against the Red Sox. What could anyone possibly think Longoria or Maddon said or did that was out of line?

Immediately after the incident, Longoria responded with what he himself called “a few choice words.” On Rays Index, TMODRT turned that into “a bit of a fit” and “his tirade was a little over the top.”

All Maddon said after the game was:

“I’d like the fan to understand, the one on the third-base side, you don’t do those things. Really,” Maddon said. “Our fans need to know that. In a game like that, you’re in our ballpark, you let our fielders field that ball, because once the fielder reaches in [to the stands] the fan can catch it and there’s going to be no interference called.”

That seems pretty tame and educational to me, but on RI that became:

this went too far …. Maddon throwing a fan under the bus. A fan that bought at least 2 premium seats and an authentic Evan Longoria jersey. This team needs more fans, not less.

Jesus can you imagine if that happened in the Bronx against the Red Sox, or Shitizen’s Bank Park in a Phillies-Mets game?テつ I really think we’re past needing to pussyfoot around the fan base to the point where the manager can’t explain to the newer members of Devil Ray Town what the rules and etiquette of the game are.

The fans who went after the ball may be lovely people, but if they are they should certainly realize the potential gravity of their mistake.テつ If it was me, I’d have issued a statement thanking Troy Percival for making my fuckup irrelevant.テつ And I sure as fuck wouldn’t be upset at being called out about it.

If Devil Rays management is at all worried about this what they should do is reach out to the fan and get him to make a video to play at The Trop.テつ Just have him apologize and tell fans to be careful not to become him or worse.テつ Let the poor sonuvabitch redeem himself, but don’t for a second criticize Maddon or Longoria.テつ I think you’d lose a lot more fans by pretending not to care about a game against our biggest rival and to just be happy somebody bought some tickets.テつ What did you want Longoria to be giggling about it with the fan?テつ Should Maddon have sent dude a bottle of wine?テつ Of course not.テつ As per usual, as is their wont, our Devil Rays handled themselves perfectly.

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4 Responses to “Longoria And Maddon Were 100% Right To Call Out Fan”
  1. meech.one says:

    I see what you did there with Citizens Bank Park, but there’s no apostrophe. And believe you/me, Chalk, I was at BOTH stadiums late last October and that Arena football stadium that the Rays play in doesn’t hold a candle to the home of the WFC’s.

  2. Adam C says:

    So if you whine about something to the media, but you’re wearing a Rays jersey and/or hat, then you’re not a whiny bitch?

    Well, Maddon is indeed a whiny bitch, even if he was right. However, I can let Ed Harvey’s on-field comments slide because he was in the heat of the moment.

    Maddon accomplished nothing but wasting his breath and pissing off some fans. That same fan, put in the exact same situation, would do it again. It has nothing to do with etiquette – it’s about dumbass fans who go to games for the wrong reason. If this guy was a real fan who knew what was what, he would have cleared a path for EH instead of getting in his way.

  3. Chad says:

    I guess it really doesn’t matter when your team is in fourth place in the East.

  4. Chad says:

    And meech is right, Forbes ranked the warehouse the Rays play in at 28th out of 30 for best stadium, which is the best ranking I could find. Most other rankings had it at 29 or dead last. Citizens Bank ranked 11, which was a top 10 stadium on any other list.

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