We're building a better Bugs & Cranks!

But, this isn't career-ending surgery -- we'll be back in the Fall!


We're shooting for a Fall Classic! After this short stint on the DL, the Bugs will be back better than ever. Soon, you'll enjoy:

  • An all-new, responsive, mobile-friendly site design.
  • A HUGE focus on social media engagement and fan interaction.
  • Exciting new additions to our current roster of experts/characters/inmates.
  • More of the things you want from a baseball site: new interviews, minor league reports, trade discussion, fantasy analysis, baseball stats and metrics, baseball video gaming, among many others.
  • More original content, unlike anything else in the baseball blogosphere.
  • More humor, more often.
  • Free beer.

In 2006, Bugs & Cranks stormed onto the scene and created a completely original take on sports and humor writing. Nearly a decade later, we're retooling, re-energizing, and getting ready to do it all over again.

Stay tuned, friends.