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July 18, 2008 at 12:04 am ET
Angels vs. Red Sox — a battle of Good vs. Evil

Lincoln would root for the Angels against the Red Sox if he were still around.Zero score and four years ago, the Red Sox brought forth on this continent a new nation, Red Sox Nation, dedicated to the proposition that they become baseball’s new superpower.

Now the Angels are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether Red Sox Nation, a nation that has become so dominating and annoying, will take over baseball yet again. The Angels and Red Sox are met today on a great battlefield of that war for a three-game series.


OK, so that was a bit of a stretch. But really, the Angels might be our best hope to stop the Red Sox from winning another World Series. The Angels have the best record in the AL and did win a series at Fenway earlier this season. If you prefer to root for good against evil, here’s some more reasons you should root for the Angels against the Red Sox:


Angels: A heavenly being that works for God.
Red Sox: Something the devil would wear on his feet.


Angels: Steadily becoming a regular contender by executing the game’s fundamentals.
Red Sox: Defending World Champions, taking on the role of Goliath — and who roots for Goliath?


Vladimir Guerrero: Doesn’t bring attention to himself and plays the game hard.
Manny Ramirez: Gets away with stunts few other players could, because he’s “Manny Being Manny”.


Angels in the Outfield: A heartwarming story about giving hope to orphans.
Fever Pitch: I’ll let the Miami Herald sum it up: “Fever Pitch is surprisingly devoid of jokes, or romance, or any of the other basic elements you’d expect to find in a romantic comedy.”


Rally Monkey: Inspires hope, late-game heroics.
Wally: By definition, Wally is a monster.


Angels fans: Don’t invade other ballparks and annoy you.
Red Sox fans: Invade opposing ballparks and annoy the home fans.

The choice is simple, isn’t it?

(Photo from Grundlepuck’s photostream at Flickr.)

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18 Responses to “Angels vs. Red Sox — a battle of Good vs. Evil”
  1. coops2001 says:

    Any teams that wins mutiple champsionships with a payroll of 100M+ quickly risks becoming an evil empire, so why not the Red Sox. Once you pay $100M+ for one player, be it Arod or Dice K, you’re pratically throwing your hat into the evil empire ring (that’s if you win, not so much for other teams).

    However, when you make the playoffs and if you play against Yankees, Honest Abe might cheer for the NYY. Since of recent note, you are the evil empire in those rounds (just ask the Big Unit). But I digress….

  2. You make an excellent point coops. The Angels have owned the Yankees in recent years (both regular season and postseason), and by my logic, could be made out to be the evil empire.

    I don’t think we have to worry about the Yankees making the playoffs this year though. The AL is loaded with teams as good or better than them.

  3. Chad says:

    Wait, wait…your team name is “The the Angels Angels”. Really? Of Anaheim? I’m sorry, but the Sox get that category. But I’ll give you the rest.

  4. coops2001 says:

    Too many injuries (4 out of 9 position players, 3 out of 5 projected starters, and Brunney out of the bullpen) lead me to believe that this is not the NYY’s year. I think Matstui’s injury was the final nail in the coffin. Heck, 13 years in a row was not a bad run, though it would have been nice to see Hughes and/or Kennedy show viabiliy as starters, though.

    Key question is, when the BRS make the playoffs, will Becket return to his dominating post season self? If he and Dice K become the post season monsters that they can be, it may be hard to stop them. Plus throw in Ortiz, a resurging JD Drew, and Manny with his unbelievable ability to hit with two strikes, make it hard to bet against them.

  5. Chad, it’s good to see people are still making jokes about the Angels’ name four years after they changed it.

    It’s a ridiculous team name, but it’s much less ridiculous than branding a nation after your team’s fanbase (and naming a president of it!)

  6. Chad says:

    You’re right Gilbert. The joke is old, but I thought you would get it by now. Just because its an old joke doesn’t mean that its a better team name than the Boston Red Sox. That’s my only point. I agree with you on all the rest of your points. Loosen up a little bit, man!

  7. babaoje says:

    Maybe away fans wouldn’t “invade” your stadium if the locals, you know, went to the games so it wasn’t so easy and cheap to get tickets.


    1) The Angles have had a payroll of 100 mil+ for quite some time now. You can’t pick and choose battles making the Red Sox an “evil empire” just because they have won more (one extra) world series than the Angels in that span
    2) Your 100 mil/player argument is a little shaky especially when your team signs an over the hill centerfielder to a 5 year/90mil contract, to replace another over the hill/overpaid centerfielder you signed the season before to go along with your ancient bottomless money pit playing right field

  8. Babaoje, the Angels have been 2nd in the AL in attendance each of the last four years, but Sox fans still show up and take up a good chunk of the seats. They’re resourceful like that.

    And for the record to anyone who wasn’t entirely clear, this post was meant to be facetious.

  9. Benny says:

    Please do not associate Fever Pitch with the Red Sox, especially not with Sox fans. We really had nothing to do with this. If we could’ve stopped Jimmy Fallon, we would have. With force if necessary.

  10. babaoje says:

    I also don’t know when traveling well became a negative. In every other scenario (especially college football) it is a point of pride to have a large contingent of fans at road games. I guess it becomes a negative when your team doesn’t do it.

    Lets face it, Boston is a pretty big town and for some the hundreds of thousands of college students that flood the city every fall, it is their first real experience in a baseball environment meaning more Sox fans, who after the college career is over move to other parts of the country leading to a spreadout fan base. That and people who grow up in and around the city generally don’t like to live there later in life.

  11. Duder says:

    If by ‘executing fundamentals’ you mean having a weak offense which regularly jeopardizes stellar pitching performances, then you hit the nail on the head.

  12. Benny, the rest of the country would’ve gladly joined your cause to stop Jimmy Fallon if we could have.

    Babaoje — I went to college in LA (there’s tons of big schools around here, heard of UCLA and USC?) — you don’t see our grads moving and establishing big Angels or Dodgers fan bases in other cities.

    Good line Duder — The Angels offense is pathetic. Bunting and stealing is really the only way they can score.

  13. Jonas says:

    Yeah, that stupi rally monkey wasn’t annoying or anything, was it? Oh, and whom did Boston broom in the Divisional series last year? And whom did they broom in 2004?

    Truth be told, you don’t get many other teams’ supporters at Fenway unless it’s a yankees or St. Louis series, so please don’t get too carried away when Red Sox nation shows up to claim those seats your people were to uninvolved to occupy.

  14. Jack says:

    Jonas, I believe there was a post about this earlier-Chalk started an argument about in-game promotions to draw people to games and then there was a huge argument about who drew more, the Yanks or Sawks (which, BTW, I refuse to call anyone other than the Chisox the “Sox,” because it’s easier that way, and it’s more fun to make fun of Boston by calling your team the “Sawks”).

    Anyway, someone brought this up in that argument, and I’ll bring it up here – no shit there are never any opposing fans at Fenway, it’s one of the smallest in the league! The only parks smaller are PNC, McAfee, and The Trop.

    I don’t know much about economics, but I know that the higher the demand for something, the more expensive it will be. That said, if games at Fenway always sell out to Sawks fans, and the only tickets available are scalped tickets, you think most sane people are going to want to visit Boston for the express purpose of paying 500 bucks (or whatever the going rate is) for a nosebleed obstructed view seat somewhere in foul territory?

    Now New Yorkers might do such a thing because they enjoy pissing Bostonians off. I have no idea what would cause St. Louisians to do so (except for the fact that they travel just as well as Sawks Nation), but all of the other fan bases in the AL think, “What’s the point? I’m going to have to sit in a seat surrounded by funny-accented assholes who think they are God’s gift to fandom anyway, I might as well stay home and watch it on TV.”

    The point here is that just because opposing fans don’t show up at Fenway it doesn’t mean they’re “uninvolved” or that they’re somehow worse fans than Sawks fans (because that’s the type of bullshit Sawks fans have been spewing for the last ten years). It just means that they’re sane.

  15. Jonas says:

    Last time I checked, multi-pack tickets sales were in December and single-game sales were in early February. Those tickets go on sale via telephone and internet, first come, first serve, without any location restrictions or need to buy crummy game to get a good game ticket. Yes, the tickets are expensive and the fans many, but aside from season tix and corporate assignments, the process is democratic and available to all who have internets or can operate a telephone.

    I, for one, do NOT buy Red Sox tickets from the club, but if someone has a spare, wants me to go with them or a stranger offers one to me on the street (I live in The Fenway), I’ll take the ticket and go. Without buying tickets, I still manage to go an average five or six times a year and I never spend more than $90 a seat, regardless of the event. Hey, there’s also a bar in center filed that requires no ticket! Walk right up.

    So, as an expert, I nullify your Microeconomics 101 arguments.

    Face it, the Sox have fans nationwide and also a large contingent of fans who like to take the opportunity to travel and see them play at the same time, just like we’ve come to accept that there are many New Yorkers in Boston and many of their fans don’t mind a four hour drive up to Boston. And somehow, by magic, they too get tickets.

    So, in conclusion, if your team can’t fill the majority of their stadium for home games and don’t follow their team on the road, it must be a lack of interest on their part.

  16. Ann says:

    “Angels fans: Don’t invade other ballparks and annoy you.”

    hah. Angels fans THREW things at my friend because she was wearing a Mets hat in that game where the Mets had that come-from-behind-and-win-in-extra-innings victory. Of course, this was the Mets first victory since their manager was fired and the team was pretty much sucking at that point–but it’s ok, because it was the Angel’s home stadium. Yup, it’s always ok to throw bottles at 5’1″ girls just for wearing the wrong hat. Even if her bf, a long-time Angels fan is sitting right next to her. As long as it’s your home stadium.

  17. Jack says:

    Because New Yorkers would NEVER do anything like throw things at other teams fans…

    Also, Jonas, I admitted that I wasn’t an expert. I was just saying that it’s hard for fans of most teams to justify buying tickets to Sawks games. (Boston is 4 hours from NY by car, but LA is what, 8 hours by plane? 10? I’ve never done it). And although you say the process is “democratic,” that doesn’t mean that tickets are “easy” to get (if there’s that high a demand then tickets will assumingly sell out faster). And they’re still the most expensive tickets, on average, in the league. (I didn’t quite know what the going scalped rate was, so that was probably way off…but even 90 seems high for most teams outside of the Cubs and Yanks).

    And I don’t necessarily think that Sawks fans outnumber home fans at games. As a Tigers fan living in Houston for the time being I’ve seen both teams play the Sawks and while I can say that there were a higher number of Boston fans at both games than usual, they by no means outnumbered or out-yelled the home crowd. (The Tigers game was in 06, and the Red Sox rooters mostly kept their traps shut).

  18. Jonas says:

    In ’06, RSN didn’t have much to crow about, but try going to Camden Yards or The Trop sometime when the Sox are in town. Not just the locals, butthe hometown teams get pissy when all they hear are Boston chants. And then go out in town later and all you have are obnoxious Sox fans. Trust me, I know how obnoxious they are.

    But it all goes back to the level of interest that people have in their teams. Red Sox/Yankees in the AL, Cubs/Cardinals in the NL have diehard fan bases. Other teams, even though they’ve won championships and filled their stadiums during those runs, like Minnesota and Toronto, simply don’t have a fan base that cares or was “born into it” as we are up here.

    Also, the team releases @ 1000 tickets two hours before the game and you can scalp anything for a $20 after the second inning. When I say $90, I mean a ticketed box seat behind the plate. And I only do that once or twice a year because it gets too annoying for me down there.

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