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September 16, 2008 at 2:23 am ET
Yost Worst Manager in Milwaukee Brewers History… of the Past Two Weeks

Yost's 3-11 September record is the worst mark by a Brewers manager... during the past two weeks.The Milwaukee Brewers fired Ned Yost Monday after he led his scuffling team to a mere three wins over the course of 14 September contests, and found its Wild Card lead be squandered to a tie with a surging Philadelphia team. The 3-11 September record Yost posted was good for the infamous team record for losses by a Brewers manager in the month of September of the year 2008 A.D. – thus nullifying the skipper’s 20-7 record in August.

While some may say Yost’s dismissal was merely a knee-jerk reaction and unquestionable move of desperation by Brewers ownership and management loosely clinging to ever-diminishing playoff hopes, I will strongly agree that Yost’s dismissal was merely a knee-jerk reaction and unquestionable move of desperation by Brewers ownership and management loosely clinging to ever-diminishing playoff hopes. Stretch those fingers for the comment section, but Yost should not have been fired the way, the time or reason he was.

I know the organization is operating with a win now mentality, but I didn’t know they meant WIN NOW OR ELSE! I can’t say it’s surprising to have seen Milwaukee squander its sizable lead – speaking for Brewer fans, a second half swoon can almost be counted upon… but this mess wasn’t Yosts’ doing, he was just the babysitter who was tied to a chair while the kids messed up the house.

Forget that Rickie Weeks is terrible and Prince Fielder is to clutch as he is to not having flabby pancake breasts. Forget Olympic golden boy Ben Sheets and his unique ability to be the most media humped starter to never win a measly 14 games (I know, wins aren’t the best indication of a pitcher’s worth, but he’s huffed a chubby over the second half). Forget Corey Hart is proving his mouth to match his Cro-Magnon looks… just pass the bucket to the guy not popular with fans. I mean, I guess if a playoff appearance is in jeopardy, the team might as well bring as many impatient fans through the turnstyles to further attach themselves to the popular Brewers of ’82 – in Interim Manager Dale Sveum and new/old Bench Coach Robin Yount, right?

Don’t get me wrong, (save for Weeks) I love to cheer for all the players I just named, but they (and so many others) have played so poorly for Ned these past two weeks. Yost didn’t sign an aged, expensive and underperforming bullpen. Yost didn’t make a series of simple errors and crumble under the pressure of actual expectation – the players on his lineup card did.

Yost stood by those names and threw nobody under the bus. He always had something nice to say, even when there was nothing nice to say about said player. Yeah, he rarely budged from his skeleton lineup template, he overused terms like “Gamer” and “Battler” and doled out stupid nicknames like Gagne does eighth inning gopherballs. Yeah he could be a stubborn bastard, at times even to the detriment of his squad, but he was our stubborn bastard.

All he could do was field a team of between seven and nine former All-Stars and two past Cy Young winners, a team his bosses gave him and manage them to the best of his ability. He inherited a team fresh off 100 losses and in just a few seasons built them into a World Series contender. He stood at the helm as Milwaukee became a baseball town again and continually withstood more scrutiny than any one man should.

Though casualty to an obvious P.R. move, a futile spark intended to ignite an all but extinguished playoff prayer, I thank Mr. Yost for all he’s done for Milwaukee. Though he’ll never have the chance to lead his team into the glory of the postseason, he should patiently await his next managerial post knowing he’s done more for his former team than 14 games could ever take away.

Milwaukee seeks change, but will get more the Sveum.

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2 Responses to “Yost Worst Manager in Milwaukee Brewers History… of the Past Two Weeks”
  1. Andy says:

    The Brewers react to the Yost firing:

    “What too so long?” -Jeff Suppan
    “I don’t know why he kept insisting I was a ‘late-inning guy.’” -Eric Gagne
    “We play looser without a manager (as well as on the road)” -Corey Hart
    “I kind of liked him, but it was hard to hit with him breathing down my neck.” -Craig Counsell
    “Who is Ned Yost?” Guillermo Mota
    “I thought Ted Simmons was our manager…really…the guy who just stared out of the dugout…come on…are you messing with me?” -Gabe Kapler
    “I’ll never forget the life changing advice he gave me: ‘Give up meat Prince.’” -Prince Fielder
    “I think we should have platooned him and Ed Sedar.” -Bill Hall
    “I hope my new team next year doesn’t hire him.” C.C. Sabathia
    “I hope my new team next year doesn’t hire him.” Ben Sheets
    “I hope the Phillies don’t hire him.” -Geoff Jenkins (and the rest of Philidelphia)
    “Yostie had a tough season, but you gotta trust Yostie, he hung in there, Yostie Yostie Yostie.” – Brian ‘Shousie’
    “I could have used a few days off.” -Jason Kendall
    “Now neither of us have anything to do.” -Mike Rivera
    “Why am I here?” -Mike Lamb
    “He never lived up to his potential.” -Rickie Weeks
    “He was a complete disaster.” -Ryan Braun
    “I was way off the mark on this one.” -Derrick Turnbow
    “Get Out, Get Out of here, You’re Gooooone!” -Bob Uecker

  2. Nigel Tufnel says:

    Well-written article but of course i have to nitpick because this is comment on the interwebs. Dale Sveum wasn’t one of the ’82 Brewers.

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