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September 20, 2007 at 6:12 am ET
Did the cheating Patriots curse the BoSox with bad karma?

Did the New England Patriots' bad football karma leak into the region's baseball karma?On Sept. 9, the New England Patriots were accused of stealing signals during a game against the New York Jets.  Ever since then, the struggling Red Sox have been playing lethargic baseball, dropping six of 10 and allowing the Yankees to creep to within 1 ½ games.

A team that was considered unbeatable a month ago suddenly has both media and fans wondering how the wheels came off.  The bullpen seems hopeless, Manny Ramirez is still not in the lineup, and the once insurmountable 14 ½-game lead is wilted.

The question on our minds at Bugs & Cranks is this – can the bad karma created by one franchise somehow have a cross-sporting event effect on another franchise from the same city?  Since we here at B&C have little knowledge of karma, we went to professional tarot card reader Madam Thermopoli at the 43rd Street Psychic Healers here in New York City.

BUGS & CRANKS: Good morning, Madame Thermopoli. Let’s start with a basic definition of karma.

MADAME THERMOPOLI: You’ve been to a coffee shop, you’ve seen the tip jars – karma is a boomerang.  Whatever you do good or bad comes back at you.

B&C: Can that apply to sporting teams?

MT: It applies to everything.

B&C: But do baseball karma and football karma intermix?  Let’s say a football team from one city cheats.  Could that have an adverse effect on a baseball team from the same city?

MT: I don’t see why not.

B&C: Now Madame Thermopoli, you’re familiar with the Patriots’ spying incident, correct?

MT: I’m a Jets’ season ticket holder … What’s so funny?

B&C: Nothing.  It’s just that –

MT: It’s just what?

B&C: It’s just that you’re a fortune teller, but you spend money on Jets’ season tickets.  It’s not very clairvoyant of you, that’s all.

MT: Do you want me to answer your stupid f**cking baseball questions or do you want to crack jokes?

B&C: Sorry, Madame Thermopoli.  In your clearly well-proven track record as a soothsayer, could bad karma generated from the Patriots cheating somehow be the reason the Red Sox are faltering down the stretch?

MT (looking at tarot cards): The Four of Swords.  Boston traditionally is a very superstitious place.  Bear in mind for close to a decade fans believed the Red Sox were not winning because of a curse brought on by a piano at the bottom of a pond.  Certainly bad karma generated on such a massive caliber could cause other Boston teams to perform poorly if enough people believed in the bad karma.

B&C: Is this bad karma enough to cripple the Red Sox in October?

MT: Like all October winners, this year comes down to pitching.  So what has been the bread and butter all year for Boston is suddenly not so impressive.

B&C: How about those Yankees?

MT (looking at tarot cards): The Knight of Pentacles.  The Bombers are not to be underestimated.

B&C: Which team will go furthest in the playoffs?

MT (looking at tarot cards): I show The Chariot, a good omen for both teams.  But while they have the power to control their destinies, there are inner demons.

B&C: Like bad karma?

MT: Like J.D. Drew in left field for the Red Sox.  Or Jason Giambi on first base for the Yankees.  Or unknown injuries to Ramirez and Ortiz and Clemens and Jeter.  Or maybe the Red Sox will forget they had the best record in the league up until yesterday.  Or maybe A-Rod’s bat will go cold in October as it traditionally does.

B&C: On to the big question, Mrs. Thermopoli – which team will win it all?

MT: What makes you think either team will win it all?

B&C: Oh, what the hell do you know – you’re a Jets fan, you crazy witch.

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3 Responses to “Did the cheating Patriots curse the BoSox with bad karma?”
  1. That’s very funny, Meth. If I’d have known you were going to Mdme. Thermo, I’d have thrown a couple bucks your way to see if she thinks the Ravens beat the Jets last week, or the Jets beat themselves.

    I always associated NY teams with NY geography. The Yankees and the Giants seem like Manhattan, the Bronx and Westchester to me. The Mets and Jets seem like Queens, Brooklyn and Long Island. Everybody roots for, but hates, the Knicks, though I wonder what the Nets’ move will mean for that. And I can’t figure out the Rangers.

  2. Dan Tobin Dan Tobin says:

    Asking a New Yorker about what’s wrong with the Red Sox is like asking a Republican what’s wrong with Hilary Clinton. They may have a valid point mixed in with their nonsense, but they’re hardly an impartial judge. (Also in common: they suck.)

    Hey, when did we become Bugs & Granks?

  3. Are the Yankees ahead 3 games to none, with two outs and nobody on in a best of seven series? Call me when the chips are really down.

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