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July 16, 2008 at 5:00 am ET
Don’t do this — please!

Barry BondsUh-oh!

Hideki Matsui might be facing-season ending knee surgery. Johnny Damon has also had a setback in his recovery from a shoulder injury.

And New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman isn’t denying that Barry Bonds might look better in the New York lineup than Brett Gardner or Justin Christian.

Here is what Cashman said Tuesday about Bonds.

“I would say any rampant speculation on us involving a player of that magnitude would be extremely premature,” Cashman said. “I would caution everybody to not misunderstand that since I’m not saying no to it, that that means, ‘Oh my gosh, that that might be happening down the line.’ It’s not something we’re focused on at this point. We’re focused on getting Hideki Matsui back rather than, you know, what we’re going to do if he’s not back.”

To me, that’s a long-winded way of saying “maybe.”

Maybe, just maybe the Barry Bonds Circus will land in New York for a two-month encore.

All I can say is, please God, no. Don’t let this happen. I would rather lose watching Gardner and Melky Cabrera than win with Bonds, a lying, cheating scuzzball of a human being having anything to do with it.

I don’t care if the 44-year-old home run king can still hit, which he can. In just 340 at-bats last season he hit 28 home runs, batted .276, had a .480 on-base percentage and a .565 slugging percentage.

So what? Bonds is a disgrace who doesn’t deserve another opportunity, and I hope the Yankees don’t give him one.

Would it surprise me? No, not really. Honestly, I have always figured that the Yankees would be one of the few teams unafraid of the Bonds Circus, and what everyone else thinks if they bring him in.

During the Steinbrenner Era, the Yankees have never been afraid of the circus. See the Billy Martin saga. Dave Winfield. Reggie Jackson. Darryl Strawberry. Randy Johnson. Roger Clemens. Some of you Yankee haters would say the entire Steinbrenner Era has been a circus.

So no, the Yankees bringing in Bonds would not surprise me.

I would hope that, in the end, they do what everyone else has done and decide to pass.

Screw Bonds! He’s done enough damage already.

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12 Responses to “Don’t do this — please!”
  1. Guiseppe Franco says:

    No worries. There’s not a chance Bonds will be wearing pinstripes.

    No team wants that circus no matter how desperate they are for a bat.

  2. Ed Valentine says:

    Guiseppe, Obviously I hope you’re right. I just wish Cashman hadn’t opened the door.

  3. Brian says:

    And Bonds is different from Giambi how? Oh, right, Bonds is a better hitter and isn’t as complete a liability in the field.

    Yeesh. Might as well sign Bonds, he’d help the team win…

  4. Ed Valentine says:

    Oh, Lord. At least Giambi has come clean, as much as these guys can. He hasn’t perjured himself. He doesn’t have people who went to jail to protect him. He isn’t a complete asshole to everyone around him. For all of his mistakes, he is a guy teammates (in Oakland and NY) have always loved. Personality-wise and clubhouse-wise I don’t think these guys are comparable at all.

  5. Jeff says:

    Since when is Bonds not a liability in the field…he can’t run at all, he sucks in the field. Giambi is playing surprisingly well this year.

  6. Dirty Water says:

    No kidding, Brian. Giambi, Clemens, Pettitte, and now public enemy no. 1, in Ponson. To say nothing about 4 tainted Series champions, each team which was loaded with large craniums.

    Point blank: If the Yanks do not sign Bonds he should use that as primary evidence in his case against baseball.

  7. B.E. Earl says:

    4 tainted Series champions? Loaded with large craniums? Besides Clemens (for two of them), that’s a bit of a stretch. Pettite isn’t exactly a poster boy for HGH use.

  8. Jeff says:


    That post reeks of troll, he’s just lookin for a taker. Must be a slow work day.

  9. FrankDiscussion says:

    I’m going to have to respectfully disagree with you on this one, Ed. I don’t have any problems with Bonds coming on board for the remainder of the season, IF Matsui is going to undergo surgery. we all know what he brings to the table, both on and off the field. As for the media, when the reporters and analysts start taking to the field perhaps I’ll show a bit of concern about their opinions. IMO the media creates the circus, not the player.

  10. Tacobellmanager says:

    Everyone, everyone, a little perspective. No GM, when asked, can explicitly state “We will not sign Bonds,” precisely because of the charge of collusion trailing this matter. The best way to deal with it is to say, “We’d consider him the same as we’d consider other players when we’re in a stretch drive,” and leave it at that. And because everyone wants to report something definitive, that gets twisted into “Yankees (or whomever) may acquire Bonds.”

    As far as collusion goes, I don’t know. I am actually inclined to believe that Bonds is reaping what he sowed over his career. But I am lead-pipe lock certain MLB told all of its clubs the rules on commenting about Bonds, especially after the pre-season mess involving the Cardinals when it came to light that LaRussa wanted him and ownership refused outright.

  11. Duder says:

    As the opposite of a Yankees fan, I would love nothing more than to see Bonds in pinstripes – to see Bonds and Giambi in the same laundry, on the same diamond, at the same time, and the resulting maelstrom from all directions. But seriously, there is no way the NYY would do this. Is there? A child can hope…

  12. giants fan says:

    dear bonds haters, barry bonds has never tested positive for steroids, HGH or any other muscle growing steroid. Yes he’s as a@@hole, but he’s by far, and I really mean by far, the best player of his era and likely the best of all time.

    Say what you want about cheating — should the yankees give back their rings during the clemens years? — but bonds never tested positive, and after the strictest tests came out in ’03, bonds went and had the best season in the history of baseball, with a .610 OBP, that’s a .610 ON BASE percentage, 47 homers in 420 at bats.

    bonds ability to initmidate the other team REDEFINED baseball strategy and how important it is to have baserunners.

    go ahead and hate him — but singling him out when likely EVERYONE cheater — even Mike schmidt admitted to taking amphetimines, is a disjustice to the game.

    ps bonds was also the first player to ever hit 30 homers, bat .300 and steal 50 bases.

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