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May 12, 2008 at 6:05 am ET
Not the Yankee way? Phooey!

Robinson Cano (24) and Melky Cabrera (28) celebrate a Yankee victory.So, former Yankee outfielder Roy White is not too thrilled with the way Robinson Cano and Melky Cabrera celebrate Yankee victories. And Hall of Fame reliever Goose Gossage thinks Joba Chamberlain should forget the fist pump.

These revelations were included in a recent Bob Klapisch column.

I love both of these guys. Gossage, of course, is a historic Yankee and took part in many of the most memorable baseball moments of my lifetime. White is a classy guy who was a good player for the Yankees for many years.

I have news for them, though. Fellas, this is not the 1970s, anymore. Thanks for playing, thanks for stopping by and thanks for the memories. Now, shut up and go away! Nobody really cares about your “back in my day” whining.

It’s a different era. Cano, Cabrera and Chamberlain are part of an era where players show more emotion, where they let their feelings out and let you see the joy that they feel when the accomplish something.

I’m old-school about a lot of things — but not this. There’s not a thing wrong with players showing emotion on the field, provided that it’s pure and not contrived or directed toward a specific opposing player or team.

I believe, quite simply, that players like these young Yankees, Jose Reyes of the Mets, Jonathan Papelbon of the Red Sox and others just enjoy what they do. How can you fault that?

Baseball is a game, and I always thought games were meant to be enjoyed. Players play because they love to, so why shouldn’t they be able to show it? I’m not saying sometimes players don’t go too far — they do on occasion. I just don’t think these young Yankees have crossed that line.

I admit I don’t like these contrived celebrations. Dennis Eckersley used to point at any hitter he struck out. Now that is showing up a hitter. All of these guys wo point to the heavens after doing something look stupid, too. In football, all of these choreographed dances, pulling out a Sharpie, a cellphone, the first-down salute or whatever — that bugs me. Honest displays of emotion? No.
Joba's fist pump has drawn Goose Gossage's ire.As for Gosssage’s claim that Joba’s fist pump is “just not the Yankee way,” that’s a bunch of nonsense.

What is the Yankee way, anyway? Class? Dignity? Respect? Give me a break!

How many times did Reggie Jackson stand at home plate and admire a home run? Is that the Yankee way? How is Billy Martin and Reggie brawling in the dugout classy? Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle were legendary carousers? Is that the Yankee way? How many times have we seen Derek Jeter with the fist pump after a big hit or a World Series victory? Are we going to rip him, too? For crying out loud, the Yankees are the franchise that had two players (Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekich) trade wives. Is that the Yankee way?

The Yankee way is winning. Period. Not having the most class, dignity or showing the most respect for the opposition. It’s about collecting the best players they possible can and winning. It’s about the 26 World Series titles, and the hunt for more.

If Cano, Cabrera, Chamberlain and others actually want to look like they are having a little fun while they are wearing the pinstripes good for them.

There is nothing wrong with letting people see you actually enjoy what you are doing.

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10 Responses to “Not the Yankee way? Phooey!”
  1. Mike says:

    These 2 fine Yankees are entitled to their opinion no matter how twisted it might be.

  2. Dirty Water says:

    I can see where White, Gossage and others are coming from but they really need to understand how important winning a game is to the current Yanks. I mean, let’s be serious; it’s not as if it occurs often.

  3. Jeff says:

    Yes those 2 fine Yankees are entitled to their opinion just like those other 3 fine Yankees are entitled to celebrate in whatever fashion they desire.

    We finally agree on something Dirty.

  4. Michael E. Lee says:

    Hear hear. My only nit is with your distaste for players that point to the sky. While it may seem awkward to others, some people have a religious faith that is truly, honestly a part of them. And when they do something well, they choose to attribute their success or ability to God. It may seem unusual, but I think it’s still an honest display of emotion. (Hopefully, we don’t also start to criticize Joba for praying on the mound before his first pitch.)

  5. FrankDiscussion says:

    As long as Joba doesn’t get carried away with it, I don’t really see the big deal here.
    He wears his emotions on his sleeve, good or bad. I also don’t have any issues with Manny posing and admiring his HR’s or Papelbon doing his little act out there. All of this only highlights the players as individuals, not faceless drones simply going through the motions. Part of the game.

  6. Ed Valentine says:

    Manny posing does bug me sometimes. If only because he sometimes poses, then winds up with a single.

  7. Dirty Water says:

    Pointing to their god when things go well would not look so lame if they also flipped their middle finger after a strikeout. Wouldn’t that be awesome?


  8. Paul says:

    “All of these guys wo point to the heavens after doing something look stupid, too.”

    Really? Why? They’re just as genuine in their emotion as Joba with his fist pump, or Papelbon with his screaming and posturing.

    Because you don’t believe in God, it’s stupid? They believe in God. And they choose to celebrate by pointing to the heavens and thanking him. Why is that stupid? Because it’s not what YOU’d do in that circumstance?

    Do you see now where Goose Gossage is coming from?

    Pot. Kettle. Etc.

  9. Count Zero says:

    Well said.

    Now you kids get off ‘a my lawn!

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