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April 17, 2008 at 8:00 am ET
Some Yankee fans are a**holes

As of today I am an official member — and maybe the charter member — of the LaTroy Hawkins’ Fan Club.

No more ripping Hawkins and rooting for him to get bounced in favor of one of the young Yankee relievers currently at Scranton. No more lumping him in with Kyle Farnsworthless.

No, it’s not because of the two scoreless innings he pitched last night against Boston. Or the five consecutive scoreless appearances. Both of those help, but they aren’t the real reason.

The real reason is that LaTroy Hawkins has class. In fact, one helluva lot more class than many Yankee fans. He has shown that during the past couple of weeks.

If you follow the Yankees by now you know the story. Hawkins wanted jersey No. 21 — Paul O’Neill’s 21 — to honor Roberto Clemente. Yankee “fans” booed him unmercifully and chanted O’Neill’s name whenever Hawkins appeared on the mound.

Hawkins, who didn’t understand the furor finally relented and switched to No. 22. Reports from the beat writers detail how well Hawkins has handled this mess, and how much respect he already has as a veteran leader in the Yankee clubhouse.

My purpose here isn’t to debate whether or not O’Neill’s number should be retired. It clearly shouldn’t. O’Neill was a very good player, but far from one of the greatest to ever play. If you think otherwise, you are probably one of the people I am about to rip.

My real purpose here today is to call out those “fans” who booed Hawkins and chanted O’Neill’s name when Hawkins appeared on the mound.

See, I am a lifelong Yankee fan and, nowadays, the biggest problem with being a Yankee fan is being associated with that type of Yankee fan. The self-important, entitled, smarter than the GM/manager, moron Yankee fan. Basically, this is the a**hole Yankee fan.

This is the type of Yankee fan who thinks that baseball began in 1996, when the Yankees won their first of four World Series under Joe Torre. Who thinks that the rest of baseball exists as nothing more than a farm system for the Bombers. Who thinks that you can trade Kei Igawa straight up for, say, Jake Peavy. Who continually booed Alex Rodriguez, and will still boo him when he leaves runners on base. Who are classless enough to boo a guy and intentionally make him feel uncomfortable simply because of the number he wears. Who thinks a yearly playoff berth, and three or four World Series titles every decade, is a Yankee birthright.


I love the Yankees. I don’t, however, love being associated with you.

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10 Responses to “Some Yankee fans are a**holes”
  1. Dirty Water says:

    Would you say he has more class than all but 7 players in ML history?

    You aren’t trying to bury your Wang post, now are you? :)

  2. Jerry says:

    I’m with you on the Hawkins thing… Sometimes it’s embarrassing to be a Yankee fan the way these morons act…

  3. Chad says:

    Coming from “Red Sox Nation” I feel your pain, Ed. There are many Red Sox fans I hate to be associated with because they are either assholes or the pink hat fans. I get categorized with them on a regular basis, and it sucks. As far as I’m concerned, you are one of the good fans, Ed.

  4. J Rose says:

    re: the title of this post, more “breaking news”:

    -the Earth is round
    -water is wet
    -Britney is batshit crazy

    Actually, booing a guy because he’s wearing the number of a fan favorite ranks pretty low on the list of transgressions Stankee fans have comitted, in my opinion. But thanks for pointing out something that has been obvious for eons. Sox fans have only been assholes for a few years now.

  5. Duder says:

    The great irony to be found in the fact that most Yankees fans bandy about the term ‘class’ is that they lack it. Not all. But those about whom you are speaking. Booing Hawkins was reprehensible. He is a fantastic addition to your bullpen – everything Professor Farnsworth was supposed to be.

  6. Kelvin says:

    Yeah…completely agree. I think what there doing to Hawkins is ridiculous. And it is embarrasing the way some of us act.

  7. Ed Valentine says:

    Hey, Duder. If Hawkins stinks on the mound — and he just might — then Yankee fans can boo him all they want. I’ll probably be booing, too. But, boo his perfomance not his uniform number.

  8. Ed Valentine says:

    Chad, unfortunately you have been joined by many ‘newcomers’ to being Red Sox fans. These people don’t really understand the misery that long-time ‘real’ Red Sox fans felt for generations — and that I wish they still felt.

  9. Sal Paradise says:

    Boston fans who accuse the Yankees of buying their championships drive me nuts.

    Yankees fans who don’t remember a losing season also drive me nuts.

    Boston fans who can’t name a GM before Epstein drive me nuts.

    Yankees fans who can’t name a manager before Torre drive me nuts.

    Teams win, teams lose, and while it’s obvious not everyone is willing to watch a losing team, it’s obnoxious that the fans who are the loudest when the team is winning, are the ones who care the least otherwise.

    Don’t worry. The good fans will be the ones who share a beer watching a Sox-Yankees game in 2030 when they’re battling for 4th place in September.

    Maybe by then I’ll be able to get tickets to a game at Fenway again.

  10. Duder says:

    Hey, Sal. By your logic, nobody can become fans of any team. What of the newborns and youngins? I have a five year old nephew who is a Yankees fan, unfortunately. He can’t remember any of those things you list. If your list is of requirements one must meet in order to be a fan, then both fanbases are moribund and will die out, as will the teams, with no true fans to support them. Rock On!!!!!

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