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June 2, 2009 at 2:57 pm ET
A weird message from Brady Anderson

You have no idea how difficult this is.

The jokes. Where do I even begin? But no.

Shh! Brady's got something to say.

Shh! Brady's got something to say.

It would be too easy to make merciless wisecracks at former Oriole Brady Anderson’s opinion piece in this morning’s Baltimore Sun. In it, Anderson defends O’s owner Peter Angelos against Sports Illustrated’s claim that Angelos is the worst owner in baseball. Anderson calls charges that Angelos meddled in the team’s baseball affairs “laughable.”

But first, allow the editing nerd in me to observe: the Sun’s handling of Anderson’s piece is at least as weird as the piece itself. First, SI’s ownership rankings are three weeks old. Any discussion of the matter is pretty much over. Maybe the simple fact that an Oriole wrote a 900-word essay was reason enough to run it three weeks past its relevance. Then there’s the typo issue. By the time you read this, maybe they’ll have fixed the mistakes, at least online. I imagine the errors are Anderson’s (“run their business anyway they choose” and Peter “Angeles.”). The Sun also allows Anderson to look silly by not fixing his referrals to his teammates “Mr. Wells and Mr. Bonilla.” C’mon. Clean up the guy’s copy a little.

Anderson writes “the article cited amenities at the ballpark as another area in which the owners are judged.” Um … I don’t think SI’s rankings even mention ballpark amenities. Hey, I’ll be the first to admit I’m wrong. If you can find this, drop it into the comments section below. You’re a better Googler than I. The SI piece I’m looking at is a best-and-worst ranking that includes each team’s purchase price, their current value, the win-loss record and percentage under the owner and the numbers of playoff appearances and championships. Nobody said anything about ballpark amenities. Yet, Anderson goes on at length about the beauty of Camden Yards and the generosity that the Orioles allow their fans to bring food into the ballpark.

Again, isn’t this something The Sun should’ve looked into? Did they just get an e-mail from Brady Anderson and print the whole thing? It kind of looks like it.

Though it’s not the point, I can’t help myself: since Brady brought it up, IS Peter G. Angelos the worst owner in baseball? It’s possible. Despite recent glimmers of hope at Camden Yards, the Orioles are still in last place, recovering from years of terrible management. And the only reason they’re recovering is because Angelos finally shut his yap and hired Andy MacPhail to run the team. By all accounts, Angelos has stayed away from the baseball side of the operation and there’s new life.

Therefore, allow me to declare Peter G. Angelos the former worst owner in baseball. Sure, sure. He’s still got a long way to go before anyone builds him a statue. But he did – apparently – wise up at long last and get the hell out of the way.

This is the feelbad piece of the season. Everyone’s wrong. Sports Illustrated for being lazy and sloppy. (As Anderson points out, Davey Johnson wasn’t actually fired, as SI claims. He quit.) Brady Anderson for taking three weeks to respond, then apparently forgetting what SI’s piece actually said. And the Baltimore Sun for running the piece at all.

UPDATE: Frequent commenter Rocket points out via the electronical mail that ballpark amenities actuall were among the best/worst owner criteria. He was decent enough, of course, to avoid calling me a dumbass in the comments section. Thanks, Rocket. However, seven hours after I published this piece, The Sun’s typos haven’t been fixed.

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10 Responses to “A weird message from Brady Anderson”
  1. dude abides says:

    I’m not sure why anyone would want to listen to Brady Anderson.

    But hey, people still listen to the analyst Henry Blodget (of dot-com fame), after he predicted that Amazon would hit $400 (currently $84.93), circulated emails within Merrill that contradicted his published ratings calls, and then settled his securities fraud with the SEC for $2M. Go figure…

  2. BA says:

    Yes, it is awkward calling my former teammates and friends Mr. which is why I would never do it. You can thank the editor at the Baltimore Sun for that. In my rebuttal I refer to Mr. Angelos as Peter, Davey Johnson as Davey, and of course all my teammates by their first names. I was aware that editors might fix typos or grammatical mistakes or simply eliminate content but was unaware until today that they change content. You are right it was ridiculous. Embarrasingly so for me, and they eliminated quite a bit. As far as amenities at the ballpark, yes that was included in their criteria which they admitted was subjective. Why else would I include it?

  3. BA says:

    Patrick, I appreciate being spared from your merciless wisecracks, those might have been too much for me to handle. A few more details that might interest the so called editing nerd in you. One, I never wrote that it was laughable that Angelos was accused of meddling in the teams affairs. I wrote that it is laughable that the owner of the team can be called a meddler. That’s because that is laughable. Also I just re- read what I sent to the Sun. The part where you presume that the Sun left in my errors read as follows: ‘Most important however, is that this idea runs counter to the way that just about every other business in the world is run. I am certain many people would find it odd if their bosses sat by passively and idly as they ran the business anyway they chose.’ And now that I have taken the time to actually reply to you twice in one evening, I believe I probably deserve a few of your merciless wisecracks, so knock yourself out. Oh yea one more thing, why do you assume that I just sent my rebuttal yesterday? Not true at all. I sent it weeks ago. I do not have a say in when they print it nor did I write it expecting it to be printed. It took me a few days to write, because I couldn’t get a hold of Eric Davis right away and after it was sent they have to call me and verify that I wrote it and all the crap. If you would like I will email you the entire piece I actually wrote. Anyway, who cares? I guess the discussion was not over three weeks ago as you are proving by discussing it.
    Take care

  4. luke welchel says:

    i think it is super cool that you commented on this Brady. players should stick up for the owners especially if it means you are doing what you think is write. Jornalist will rip people up, it takes witnesses and friends to go against the media and show the people real life. Thanks Brady.

  5. Big Dave says:

    Brady Anderson 1
    Patrick Smith 0

  6. Jeff says:

    Pat is noticeably silent after that bitch slapping.

  7. Rocket says:

    Mr. Anderson ably defended himself, but Mr. Smith’s points about The Baltimore Sun’s editing were well taken. The paper’s owners cut back on editors for the print product, so more than likely the online stuff isn’t getting the scrutiny it deserves.

    As for Mr. Smith being “noticeably silent” following the ex-Oriole’s rebuttals, I’m thinking that’s a Bugs & Cranks thing. I haven’t seen responses from any of the writers in any of their comments sections for quite a while. Anybody else notice this?

  8. Cam Martin says:

    I refuse to believe that’s actually Brady Anderson until he uploads an avatar with visual proof of the current length of his sideburns.

  9. BA says:

    To Luke, Big Dave, Rocket and Jeff,
    I appreciate the comments and I truly mean that. In a time where negative press and cynicism are the norm it’s refreshing to read something positive. You all take care.

  10. Lee says:

    Brady should be thanking the taxpayers of the state of Maryland for the amenitites, they actually paid for Camden Yards. In Brady’s defense, Angelos was probably the worst owner of the late 90’s and early 00’s, but in the last 2 years he’s been well behaved.

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