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May 19, 2008 at 10:46 am ET
Devil Rays About 1.5 Billion Times Better Yankees

Our esteemed Yankees guy Ed “Lover” Valentine took some issue with Gary Shelton’s Times piece that asked “would you trade the 25-man roster of the Devil Rays for the 25-man roster of the Yankees?” and answered no. Mr. Valentine repeatedly warns Devil Rays Town that it’s far too early to start gloating.

Here’s why he’s wrong:

First, the idea of a roster trade would be like any trade — not just based on this season, but many seasons to come. That’s why you’d think about taking Pudgito Navarro (who’s off to an All-Star start) over Jorge Posada.

But what’s more important and what’s been totally left out of the equation is where these two franchises are coming from.

Here are the important numbers:

  • Years of Existence: Yankees – 100+, Devil Rays 10
  • Championships of Yore – Yankees 26, Devil Rays 0
  • 2008 Payroll (Approx.) — Yankees $250 million, D-Rays $50 million
  • 2007 Payroll (Approx.) — Yankees $250 million, D-Rays $25 million

We could also talk about Hall of Famers, revenue streams, value of the franchise, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

Taken all that into consideration, the Yankees should be approximately 1.5 billion times better than our Devil Rays.

And yet, they’re not. They’re not even slightly better.

Therefore, it is officially not too early to start gloating and enjoying the downfall of the bad men.

Still a part of you has to admire Ed Valentine for being one of that dying breed of romantics, of lovers of lost causes, the Yankee fan.

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9 Responses to “Devil Rays About 1.5 Billion Times Better Yankees”
  1. Tommy R says:

    Posada is at the point where he can’t even catch, how can he argue Posada over Navarro. Yes, over his career Posada has been a much better player, but the argument is about right now.

  2. Adam C says:

    I can understand being enthusiastic about your team when they are doing well, or let’s just say better than they’ve ever been at any point in their ten year history, and I can understand gloating due to your hatred of another team, but what you apparently turn a blind eye to is the fact that the season is just over 1/4 complete. You need to look at the track record of some young teams who got off to a great start and tailed off, especially the ones with a history of failure. A lot can happen in 118 games. I guess you might as well gloat now since there is as big a chance that the Rays tail off in the second half as much as there is that the Yankees will get back on track. And I don’t call that a long shot.

    As far as Posada, he brings a lot more to the table than most catchers in the league, including Navarro, unless you judge the value of a player strictly on stats.

  3. Tommy R says:

    I don’t know what Posada brings, but I know Giambi brings the lingerie

  4. Dirty Water says:

    There’s a big difference between gloating and hurling crap back at the very team (and fans) that invented the word. It’s open season on these douchbags, so if a poll were taken today, 99.99999% of America would be thrilled if the Yanks wound up last because they know Steinbrenner(s) really can’t buy himself out of the toilet bowl this time.

  5. Adam C says:

    If Posada would borrow the thong of gold sometimes there wouldn’t even be a discussion. Maybe even get him off the DL.

    It’s funny to hear Dirty Water talk about douchebags and hurling crap, since fans of the Red Sox hurl just as much crap and are just as big a bunch of douchebags. I won’t deny that Yankees fans can be total dicks, but 99.99999% of those dicks are bandwagon fans and don’t give a shit about the game itself. Since apparently you have never been to a Yankees game outside of Boston, maybe you should call and take a look at ticket sales when they’re in another city, or hell, just turn on your TV (since you seem so obsessed with the Yankees I’ve got a feeling you watch plenty of their games). You’ll find that in more cases than not those tickets are for Yankees fans, or people who are there to see them perform (not lately mind you).

    I could really care less what anyone thinks about the Yankees at this point, I wrote to make the point that maybe this Rays team, like the *19-0 Patriots fans, might not want to count their chickens too early.

  6. coops2001 says:

    Yankees were pretty bad this time last year too. Will they make the playoffs this time? Probably not. But it’s waaaaay too early to get out the shovel and start digging their grave. And on brand value, any good brand (Apple, Disney, etc) requires investing in your product. Cheap only gets you so far with customers.

    Chalk, am I wrong or do you seem to delight more in the Yankee’s misfortune than in the Ray’s success?

  7. Dirty Water says:

    Well of course fans of rival teams flock to games featuring the Yanks; every fan wants to attend games his team stands a good chance of winning :)

    Gloating is what Pat’s fans engaged in (perfection invites such an attitude). Gloating is also what Yank fans engaged in for decades while Steinbrenner was buyng championships. To say Ray’s fans are gloating because they correctly recognize their team is far more talented than the Yanks is wrong though. I’m sure their majority, if actually putting serious cash down, would bet that cash on the Yanks experience, but that is not the question brought up by the TB writer. He simply stated that talent-wise the Ray’s were better, and no one with any sense would argue that (except Yank fans).

  8. Chalk says:


    (Devil Rays Success) + (Yankees Futility) =
    (2 Great Tastes, That Taste Great Together)

  9. Michael Kei says:

    Where were all these Rays fans before?
    1. Hate the Yankees
    2. Become Rays fans
    3. ????
    4. Profit

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