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February 8, 2009 at 3:17 pm ET
How are so many people upset about something they don’t even understand?

Primobolan is also available in pill form, but it's way more fun to assume A-Rod used needles isn't it?It would make sense that those galloping in on their high-horses would want to have even a basic understanding of what Alex Rodriguez may have been using.テつ Unfortunately they don’t.

Primobolan is an anabolic steroid.テつ That part is true and is also the end of most people’s knowledge about it.テつ All they have to hear is anabolic steroid and immediately it is assumed that this drug turns you into Popeye.テつ Does anyone stop and look at A-Rod?テつ Is he really that muscular?テつ Is he really that jacked?テつ To make a point; does he look anything at all like Bonds, Sosa, or McGwire?テつ Or does he look exactly like most major league ball players?

To be fair, some writers did google primobolan and have noted it’s main characteristics.テつ It’s very expensive and helps the user add muscle without bulking up.テつ Now, what that means is that primobolan doesn’t force your body to retain water which causes noticeable bulking.テつ Building muscle means you are getting bigger,テつ but with primobolan you aren’t going to walk around looking like you’re carrying watermelons. テつ Primobolan is also a fat-burner, sort of like taking Ripped Fuel but having it actually work. テつ Primobolan is a favorite of competitive bodybuilders during their pre-contest routines because it allows them to become even more cut without sacrificing muscle. テつ Basically, primobolan allows the user to gain muscle without changing their normal food consumption (it does this by telling your body to retain nitrogen which helps build muscle).テつ However, the muscle gain is small which is why Primobolan is considered to be a weak steroid.

Basically, Alex Rodriguez took a steroid that made him as strong as he would have been if he were just going to the gym with the veracity that he reportedly does, with the difference being that instead of packing on pounds he was able to get bigger and remain cut.テつ To put it bluntly, the advantage Rodriguez earned from primobolan was in sexiness, not in strength.テつテつ I can’t wait to hear someone claim that sexiness leads to additional home runs.

There’s another glaring problem with writing off Rodriguez’s achievements because of his steroid use.テつ Primobolan is a notoriously weak steroid and many people who have used it have reported poor results due to the their level of intake.テつ You have to consume a lot of the steroid in order to get even the smallest benefit and the fact will always remain that we have no idea how much Rodriguez even took.テつ All it takes is a small amount to test positive and it is completely plausible that Rodriguez was taking a dose of primobolan that was insufficient for him to see any gains.テつ It’s also plausible that he was taking a higher dose than anyone has ever taken before and therefore saw increased muscle growth and fat burning.テつ The problem is we have no idea.テつ We simply don’t know nor will we ever know.

To claim that Rodriguez’s numbers are now illegitimate is a giant leap of faith by the person making the claim.テつ In other words, people only believe that Rodriguez’s numbers are illegitimate if they want to believe that they are.テつ It is completely their choice.テつ They are willfully choosing to rip Rodriguez down from his pedestal.テつ This makes it very strange when writer after writer feigns sadness over the rumor of a positive test.テつ The fact remains that there are zero substantial reasons to believe that Alex Rodriguez didn’t legitimately earn every single home run, single, double, strike out and double play ground ball that he has racked up in his amazing career. テつ Nor is there any reason to believe that everything he does from this day forward isn’t completely legitimate.テつ Those who believe otherwise are making giants leaps of faith not because they feel they have to but because they want to.テつ It is their choice.テつテつ Today, more than ever, there is a gluttony of information available to all of us.テつ Everything we need to know to make smart, rational decisions about these things is available, but in the time between the Bonds fiasco and now the Rodriguez fiasco, it seems that no one has bothered to stop and think or stop and learn.テつテつ As Arthur DeVany so succinctly put it in his study on home runs in baseball;

There is no evidence that steroid use has altered home run hitting and those who argue otherwise are profoundly ignorant of the statistics of home runs, the physics of baseball, and of the physiological effects of steroids.

Sorry Haters.

photo: limo

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37 Responses to “How are so many people upset about something they don’t even understand?”
  1. Cork says:

    Everybody knows you never go full retard…You went full retard, man. Never go full retard.

    your words: “Basically, primobolan allows the user to gain muscle”

    i dont care how “small” the amount is. end of story is it helped him gain muscle and yes, MUSCLE helps one hit home runs.

    I also LOVE how you never even mention the second drug he tested positive for. That would be TESTOSTERONE. I would love to hear your argument for how that did NOTHING to help him on the field.

    What a f***ing joke. just like A-Roid.

  2. stevo says:

    So you’re saying he took it to look sexy? or just to live dangerously?, (knowing it was against the rules). I don’t buy either. Call me a hater, ( I don’t feel like I am), and infer via DeVany that I’m ignorant, but he cheated. He knew it was wrong and did it anyway. I’m not writing off his, nor Bonds’s, achievements completely, yet they are definitely tainted.
    So let’s get this straight, according to DeVany, and you apparently, performance enhancing drugs, aren’t perfomance enhancing drugs? What are they, sugar pills? It seems like an awful lot of players and a whole lot of trainers put an awful lot of time-money-risk on what, a placebo?
    “many people have reported little effect”, yeah, well, that’s why different people are prescribed different drugs right? different physiologies. It just so happened that primobolan did it for A-Rod, and not other people, just like fortunately, alcohol does it for me, and not crack. It may not work to the satisfaction of others, but it certainly seems that A-Rod thought it worked for him. Otherwise, why risk getting caught with it, risk the stigma, fine, etc, and spend all of that money?
    Bottom line, he cheated, he knew he cheated, and lied about it, much like a lot of his peers that have been exposed and many more that will. Much like the owners/sportswriters/commissioners knew and let it happen.
    Is A-rod the anti-christ? No. Is he, squeeky clean? certainly not. He’s a cheater among a whole bunch of other cheaters, woulda if they had the chance cheaters, bullshitters and liars to be named later.

  3. Cork – is weightlifting illegal? Weightlifting helps you gain muscle. I’m not saying A-Rod didn’t cheat, taking steroids is cheating, I’m just wondering what kind of affect his cheating had. If he didn’t gain any more muscle than he would have if he were simply working out, how did the steroids help him?

    I didn’t mention Testosterone because that part of the story doesn’t make any sense. Testosterone is a natural substance in our bodies. Nobody tests for the existence of testosterone so I don’t understand how or why it’s being reported that he tested positive for testosterone.

    Stevo –

    Again, i’m not saying he’s not a cheater because he is, and you can treat him any way you like. I only ask that you treat all cheaters the same. As for the performance enhancing, people have been wrong on massive scales many times before. People still believe that Vitamin C helps relieve colds. Taking vitamin C doesn’t have the risk associated with it that these drugs do, but if players think it helps, they would absolutely continue to use, especially because the so-called risk is vastly overstated. Not to mention that these athletes are at a level where they would risk everything to succeed.

    Different physiologies are why we react differently to certain substances, that is true. Why exactly do you believe that this steroid worked for A-Rod? You could never know that. I could never know that. It’s the kind of conclusion that one would come to in their search for a way to substantiate their opinion. You want to believe that these steroids did something for Rodriguez that they don’t do for most people who use them (although i did say that people didn’t get results because of their level of intake, not because it doesn’t work). How do you know that A-Rod was satisfied with it? All we know is that he took and failed a test. That might have been the only time. Unlikely, but possible. This is the exact situation where we can believe what we want and we just try to tear a person down and act like it’s our obligation to do so. I don’t understand that at all.

  4. stevo says:

    Oh yeah, and all of these apologists for steroids not causing more home run production are as full of crap as they are water retention. George Foster back in ’77 was the only guy to hit over 50 when I started paying attention to baseball back in ’77. 50 was pretty much the cap, even for guys like Dave Kingman, and Greg Luzinski. Suddenly the 90’s roll around and people are jacking jimmies on half swings and touting melons the size of, well melons.
    The chief argument against the correlation seems to be, “well after the crack down on steroids, the home runs stayed the same or increased”
    Yeah, well gee whiz, MLB might not have had an interest in bringing the fences in, lowering the mounds, shrinking the strike zone to offset any obvious differences right? I mean, it’s not like baseball is a statisticians sport or anything, and that if the numbers were shown to be greatly aberrant in the 90’s re homeruns that it would be as obvious as Bonds’s forehead.
    Oh yeah, the steroid apologist’s argument also assumes that teams had completely dropped steroid use, as opposed to just, “reigning it in a little”. In addition, it also implies that folks like A-Rod didn’t find other less obvious substances.
    Yes, another conspiracy theory. Of course my assertion is ridiculous, afterall it’s not like MLB hasn’t been completely forthcoming. It’s not like they’ve had to be dragged kicking and screaming to the truth. Suuuuure, and the color of the grass in your stadium is what?

  5. stevo says:

    Look, I’m not jumping on the “let’s lynch A-Rod” party. I think it’s ridiculous. Isn’t everybody done with the outrage? Honestly, I’m kind of outraged that anybody is still acting outraged. Yeah, he has proven to have tested positive, after denying assertions that he did use PED.
    An analogy; I’m accused of stealing TVs and I deny it for years and then suddenly I’m caught stealing a TV. Suddenly, people assume that I was probably stealing TVs all along. Yes, it’s true, I was only caught stealing one TV, and maybe it was only one, still I kind of lose my ability to act indignant, not to mention much of an appeal for getting the benefit of the doubt.
    Additionally, the argument versus the homerun/steroid correlation falls apart, because it doesn’t mention anything about stats prior to the 90’s, and again, I full on believe it was in MLB’s best to have the 90’s steroid/homerun era not seem immediately aberrant, in the aftermath. MLB has done nothing to make me take anything they say at face value.

  6. Mike says:

    Steve, you made some very good points. No, I’m just kidding; you didn’t.

    (By the way, “Sorry Haters”? Really?)

  7. Well, the strike zone shrank in the 90s, the fences aren’t really that much closer than they were 10 years ago (if we’re using your premise that baseball adjusted to continue what was happening), and lowering the mound isn’t really going to have a drastic affect on home runs. The reason players are hitting more home runs today than the big sluggers from the 70s are is because they are getting more at-bats. It’s that simple. More at-bats equals more home runs. If you really care about this subject, read DeVany’s paper. Home runs are not predictable. A player will fluctuate wildly (save for Adam Dunn who is just freakish) and that is completely normal. It’s impossible to assign meaning to yearly fluctuation in performance. Sometimes things just happen and everything that has happened in baseball is in the realm of plausibility when it comes to home run totals. What I look at when i search for the affect of steroids is a league-wide change. The fact of the matter is that power numbers are remarkably consistent over the last 15 years which means we would have to believe that the boost from steroids was being offset by lack of production in other players and that the level of steroid users remained remarkably consistent throughout the period. That to me seems like the unbelievable stretch. Yes players are bigger and stronger than ever before, but if you want to read Adair’s Physics of Baseball you learn that upper body strength has very little to do with how far you can hit a baseball. The melons these guys are carrying around are pretty meaningless. David Eckstein can hit a home run. Barry Bonds can hit a home run. The difference in their home run totals has little to do with the fact that Bonds can bench press Eckstein.

    It’s hard to imagine that players and teams aren’t continuing to find ways to bend the rules and perform better. All i’m saying is that there isn’t a statistical difference to show that they are succeeding.

  8. Cork says:

    no. weightlifting is not illegal. gaining muscle by means OTHER than weightlifting IS illegal in just about EVERY sport in the world.

    And yes they test for testosterone. they test for unnatural levels of testosterone. adding testosterone to your body above natural levels does give an athlete an unfair advantage.

    in 2006 the New York Times did a story about Testosterone being the drug of choice among cheaters. Floyd Landis? Sprinter Justin Gatlin? sprinter Dennis Mitchell? all had unnatural levels of Testosterone.

    and bigger muscles is not the advantage to PEDs. baseball is a long season that takes its toll on the body. PEDs often help the body/muscles recover and maintain performance over the course of the season. so even if you want to argue that ARod did not add muscle (something i am NOT willing to concede), who is to say that he wasn’t healthier/had more energy in August than most players. so when other players are starting to hit a wall, he is still hitting home runs.

  9. stevo says:

    zatso Mike? How come the only arguments against a 90’s homerun/steroid use correlation cite stats, after the alleged crackdown? It’s because they know the argument is ridiculous, and falls apart when compared historically. Yep, go check Mr. smarty pants Devany’s claims. Sure, he’s a smart guy, with some impressive feats, still he’s just another pop-sophistry apologist looking for a cheap headline.
    So are you saying guys like Sosa and Bonds spent all of that money and risked losing their gazillion dollar careers because….chicks dig large Cro-Magnum foreheads? Yeah, that makes sense, just kidding, it doesn’t.

  10. stevo says:

    Wait, strength has little to do with home run production? What is it then? batting stance? Eckstein could jack almost as many as Bonds, but he decided to be a contact hitter and garner substantially less acclaim and $$$$$$? I guess he just wanted to work more on his fielding.
    Yeah, you lost me there, I don’t think there’s a point of arguing against a claim like that.

  11. Cork – you’re thinking of greenies, which most players probably use. The PEDs you’re thinking of don’t increase endurance. That’s a Game of Shadows misnomer. People assume steroids build endurance because track athletes were using but those guys were really getting their benefits from blood doping, just like Floyd Landis (if he’s in fact guilty). If these PEDs were in fact helping players endurance, you would expect that the average number of at-bats would be going up over the last few years. Eric Walker put those numbers together on his website Steroids and Baseball and showed that the average number of at-bats per season is actually decreasing. The opposite should be happening if the PED’s players are using were actually helping them recover or maintain performance. It’s simply not true. What allows players to endure a long season is being a great shape which is the result of working out. Carrying around excess muscle does not help endurance.

    Stevo –

    Devany’s study is on baseball since the Babe, not the last 15 years. Eric Walker’s website also looks at the same time period and shows that power numbers have actually been decreasing since the 60s.

    I don’t know why you don’t think it’s possible that Sosa and Bonds partook in something they thought was helping but actually wasn’t. I also don’t understand why you think they spent that much money or risked their careers. Punishments for cheating at baseball are slaps on the wrist. There was never any risk that these guys would lose their careers. They played for a very long time. Bonds played for years despite growing suspicion and despite people assuming his guilt.

    Also, please avoid the conjecture. Their heads didn’t grow, it’s not physically possible unless they had a rare disease. Just because two guys wrote about it in their novel attempt to destroy Barry Bonds doesn’t make it true. It’s physically impossible without a certain disease that neither of them have. That’s the medical truth.

  12. stevo

    I wrote upper body strength. Home run power is derived from the legs and torso. The melons these guys carry around doesn’t have much of an affect. Eckstein is used to show that you don’t need a powerful physique to hit home runs. It’s all leg strength and bat speed and if you read Adair’s book, you’ll learn that neither of those has to do with bulging biceps.

  13. Please stay away from my TV, Stevo.

  14. Cork says:

    yes, steroids DO build endurance in the fact that they help the muscles regenerate and recover at a faster rate. JESUS CHRIST. if you are going to write about something and use the premise that nobody else has done any research then PLEASE do some of your own.

    greenies help you get up that day by boosting your your heart rate and helping to increase awareness. I am speaking of endurance of a COMPLETELY different nature. the endurance of MUSCLES.

    i cannot believe i am wasting so much time on this

  15. stevo says:

    PS: I was uh, just checking the make.

    everyone else: Let’s see. I’ll do some numbers/stats crunching of my own. Hmm. Of the three people that broke the homerun record lately, McGwire, Sosa, and Bonds, all three have been shown to have taken PEDs. Yes, admittedly, it’s a small sample, yet, I’m thinkin’ we won’t need Scooby and the gang to solve this caper.

  16. VanderBirch says:

    Steve, you totally undermine your credibility by claiming there are no tests for testosterone. Floyd Landis tested positive for testosterone. The tests for testosterone don’t look for the presence of testosterone, but the T/E ratio (testosterone is usually at a 1/1 ratio with epitestosterone, but taking testosterone distorts that ratio, making it detectable in drug testing).

  17. Ben says:

    VanderBirch, you are right on. I’m not going to argue with Steve’s other points, but to claim that there are no tests for testosterone, that it is only naturally produced in the body, etc. is absurd. Testosterone is considered the “king” of steroids. Just clink this link, do some research, and learn a bit more about ‘roids yourself, Steve.


  18. Scooby Doo says:

    Steve, back in October of 2007, you blogged about ‘why we hate A-Rod so much’ on obsuresportsquarterly.

    … and I quote – “He窶冱 no saint, but he窶冱 not worth this much hate either. He窶冱 not linked to HGH or steroids like baseball窶冱 other most-hated player, Barry Bonds.”

    Regardless how it occurred, he is now linked to anabolic steroids. In fact, two anabloic steroids. You state above… “I didn窶冲 mention Testosterone because that part of the story doesn窶冲 make any sense. Testosterone is a natural substance in our bodies. Nobody tests for the existence of testosterone so I don窶冲 understand how or why it窶冱 being reported that he tested positive for testosterone.” Cork was right, you went full ‘tard’ here. Next time you post a story on something, fact check yourself and don’t play symantics. It will add validity to your blog. MLB, the NFL, the Tour De France, the NBA, the IOC all test for natural levels vs synthetic levels of testosterone in the system. That’s the test A-Rod failed.

    I am not condemning A-Rod or signing up to keep him out of Cooperstown or dipping my foot into the stats debate about how home runs are hit. Anyone, taking anabolic steroids in sports is looking for an advantage in some area of their game to make them a little better than the rest.

    Scooby Doo Out!

  19. You guys are right, I botched the testosterone part. I should have written it didn’t make sense to me. I completely understand the testing, measuring ratios, but it was my understanding that not everyone is the same and that there can be plenty of reasons for differing ratios. One of those is obviously injecting yourself with testosterone.

    That being said, what does it mean that he tested positive for testosterone? Was there way to much, was there slightly too much, how do we know what was going on? Even if it’s true that he was adding testosterone to his body, we really have no idea how often he did, how much he added, and what affect it had. Everything is speculation.

  20. B.E. Earl says:

    Red Sox fans have been saying for years that he has been adding testosterone to his body.

    From Jeter, of course.

    Ba dum dum!

  21. JF says:

    Cork…you are makig up your own reality as you go along to justify your pre-conceived conclusion. You cite no studies, yet claim a certainty that does’t exist. We don’t know any of the details about what Arod did, yet you can conclusively decide that his stats were augmented by PEDs. That is absurd on its face. What’s more, you fail to explain how Arod has produced at a high level in 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008…during MLB’s extensive testing period. In other words you are wasting time…just not yours, ours.

  22. Stevo –

    Did you know that the number of shark attacks are highest when the sale of ice cream is the highest? It’s possible to make lots of correlations without causation.

    Tons of players are using steroids and the numbers stay consistent. Why hasn’t A-Rod broken the single season mark? Why didn’t FP Santangelo or Brian Roberts, or Jay Gibbons or Jason Giambi or Sheffield or the other Giambi? It’s impossible to prove either way that Bonds wouldn’t have hit 73 or McGwire and Sosa wouldn’t have hit their marks either without their own special sauces. The only way to examine a possible affect of steroids is to look for league-wide change. It’s becoming more and more apparent that many many players were using so if it truly was beneficial we would see some sort of upward movement in league-wide numbers. We don’t.

    At the same time, you make a very good point. I don’t know about Maris, but Bonds broke Aaron’s record (amphetamines) and Aaron broke Ruth’s record (sheep testosterone). So perhaps in order to be the home run king you have use drugs at some point. I guess that means A-Rod is good to go on his pursuit of Bonds.

  23. Veto F. Roley says:

    Alex Rodriquez has been accused of taking steroids. And, once more, the real villain in the steroids era is getting a free pass. The real villain is not the players who used steroids, but the sport that made them use the drugs. The real villain is Major League Baseball.

    Some might say that Baseball did not hold a loaded gun to the player’s head. While this may be technically true, Baseball did hold something that was nearly as powerful as a loaded .45 automatic. Knowing their players were very competitive, or they would never made it through the rigors of the Minor League process, Baseball held to the player’s heads both their current and historical places in the game.

    Sports don’t ban drugs to stop those who have no consciousness concerning rules and regulations. In any sport you will always have players like Bill Romanowski, players who search for any advantage even if it comes in the form of a pill. Perfect drug policies combined with perfect drug testing will still find these players looking for a way around the rules. So, then, no drug policy will prevent these players from using illegal drugs. At best drug policies merely provide a way to remove the cancer from the game if the unethical player is caught.

    Most players, though, respect the game. And most players play the game within the ethical guidelines and rules set forth by the game’s governors. Baseball players, in this respect, are no different. What drug policies do is give the ethical player the option to say no to illegal drugs. Yes, the Romanowski’s of the sports and baseball world will try for a competitive advantage through methods proscribed by the rulebook. But players like A Rod, Roger Clemens and many others caught up in Baseball’s steroids scandal, would be able to say no, knowing the unethical player will be caught and knowing they will not be put in a competitive disadvantage by not using the illegal methods.

    Baseball, by purposely and deliberately not making steroids illegal, forced its best players between using steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs or being put in a competitive disadvantage. No, it wasn’t a gun. But, it was very close to being a gun.

    I wish the players would have said no to steroids. But, I understand why they used the drugs. When you see someone hit 70 home runs and get rewarded for it and you are one of the best players in the game and you know you can do the same thing if you had their advantage, it’s hard to say no to steroids when they are not against the rules of the game. When your 40 or 50 home run season is diminished because someone using a chemical advantage that was not against the game’s rules hit 70 home runs, it’s hard to say no to steroids. When you are going into a contract year and 20 home runs a season just don’t do it anymore because lesser hitters on steroids are hitting 50 homers a year, it’s very difficult not to turn to the needle or pill. No, it’s not a gun, but it’s very close.

    The villain today isn’t A Rod, just as it wasn’t Barry Bonds or Roger Clemens or one of the dozens of other outed players in years past. The blame for steroids rest solely on the shoulders of Major League Baseball. Punishing the players for doing what they felt forced to do by Baseball’s inaction is wrong. And, I would like to see one person on a national level stand up and say that the players were forced to chose between their current and future place in baseball and using steroids. I would like to see one national voice hold Baseball accountable for the problem it created. It’s time to let the players involved know we understand why they did steroids, that they were under pressure by a game that did NOTHING to protect them from using steroids. And, it’s time we started honoring the players for what they did in their time.


  24. Jimbobillybob says:

    Few thoughts.

    The curve of individuals is what is know as Leptokurtotic. It means that the data points around the mean occur more frequently, and there are more outliers than the normal curve. Applying statistics based on a “normal” curve is problematic. Standard deviation does not apply. There are more events that are outliers than the normal curve predicts. In particular DeVany himself states: “(but, caution, home run hitting does not follow a normal distribution so the standard deviation is a measure over the sample, not a property of the distribution itself).”
    Perhaps he should revist his stats books.

  25. mtortolero says:

    “your words: 窶廝asically, primobolan allows the user to gain muscle窶

    i dont care how 窶徭mall窶 the amount is. end of story is it helped him gain muscle and yes, MUSCLE helps one hit home runs.”

    What about Creatine? I think almost everybody in the sports today who requires muscle mass consume creatine. The difference between creatine and anabolic roids, out of secondary effects, is that creatine consume is not possible to detect.
    And if secondary effects are the problem then we are talking about a medical issue and not about cheating.
    The day when a laboratory will discover an anabolic roid without secondary effect, the same as creatine, then that day the moral issue about roids will dissapear.

  26. joe blow says:

    It’s absolutely priceless someone who writes,

    “I didn窶冲 mention Testosterone because that part of the story doesn窶冲 make any sense. Testosterone is a natural substance in our bodies. Nobody tests for the existence of testosterone so I don窶冲 understand how or why it窶冱 being reported that he tested positive for testosterone.”

    chose to end their post by using this quote,

    “There is no evidence that steroid use has altered home run hitting and those who argue otherwise are profoundly ignorant of the statistics of home runs, the physics of baseball, and of the physiological effects of steroids.”

    Talk about being profoundly ignorant of the physiological effects of steroids, you, Sir, are profoundly ignorant of any and everything to do with Anabolic/Androgenic Steroids. Thank you for bringing me the best laugh of my day!!!

  27. serious says:

    If “cheating” didn’t help them perform better than why would anyone do it?

  28. Scott says:

    “To claim that Rodriguez窶冱 numbers are now illegitimate is a giant leap of faith by the person making the claim.”

    You’re making a larger leap of faith saying that his numbers are still completely legitimate.

  29. Dirty Water says:

    What, huh?

    LOL, Dr. Hulkower.

  30. brett mohar says:

    Ya I’m with the majority of people commenting on this “soft” article. Great point Cork; WHAT ABOUT THE TESTOSTERONE?! You just conveniently left that out hu? I dont buy it just like I don’t buy A-Rods stats. So you expect us to believe A-ROD only took the Primobolan to gain “sex appeal”? Ya he must have sat in the gym and weighed whether or not he should take this ‘half-ass’ steroid because even though he didn’t think it was going to help him improve his game and knowing it could destroy his career, he needed that extra sexiness that he is lacking? YA RIGHT. I will never visit this site again because of the CRAP I just read. thank you commentors for putting this moron in his place. The general baseball fan is not as dumb as you had so hoped, sorry!

  31. Mike D says:

    Mr. Hulkower, your article — and particularly your conclusion — is, I’m sorry to say, specious. I think A-Rod’s numbers during 2001-03 were illegitimate and it’s not because I want to.

    First of all, you cannot measure the effect of steroids without a complete and accurate assessment of who is using and how their performance was affected. Second, your argument that we need a dramatic league-wide uptick in home runs in order to conclude that steroids are effective completely disregards the possibility that steroid use among pitchers might have had a countervailing overall effect. I don’t recall Clemens giving up a ton of longballs at the end of his career.

    There is abundant anecdotal and circumstantial evidence, on an individual level, that steroids enhance performance in baseball. I agree that there is no systematic study proving that they work, but to imply that there is any basis at all to conclude that they are ineffective is wrong, laughably wrong.

    Also, Veto F. Roley: Steroids were specifically against the rules (and law). I would certainly agree that failing to test took the teeth out of the rules. But it misstates the case to say that baseball “purposely and deliberately [did not make] steroids illegal.” Not true.

  32. SD says:

    “As Arthur DeVany so succinctly put it in his study on home runs in baseball;

    There is no evidence that steroid use has altered home run hitting and those who argue otherwise are profoundly ignorant of the statistics of home runs, the physics of baseball, and of the physiological effects of steroids.

    Sorry Haters”

    Well, you and Arthury DeVany (whoever the hell he is) are soulless, stat obsessed morons. You think McGuire and Sosa would have hit 70 and 66 homers without them? What an embarrassment you are.

  33. Dutch says:

    It doesn’t matter to me whether he gained an edge due to Steroid use.

    What matters is the very fact that he KNOWINGLY took illegal substances to TRY and gain an edge. In other words, made the conscious decision to cheat and he literally acted upon it.

    That face alone makes all three years in Texas completely tarnished. He willingly cheated. His numbers from those three years are tainted, because he cheated, not matter if he took one tiny dose or was doping every single day.

    A cheater, plain and simple. Now the question is, why does he have the right to continue to play baseball and “earn” hundreds of millions of dollars? He needs to be punished and made an example of.

    Banishment from the game ought to do it.

    Cheaters like him give up their right to play ball.

    Just ask the Black Sox…if you could.

  34. Pete says:

    My view is that Commissioner Selig is every bit as culpable as Orza and the MLBPA in this mess. They all ought to resign, or be fired – if necessary by outside authorities, perhaps under the RICO statutes or something. In the go-go 1990s, no one wanted to face the proof walking around in front of them. Brady Anderson should have been a tip-off; ever see that dude with his shirt off? He looked like a ripped version of an NFL linebacker, after the year before looking like a typical 170-180 lb. singles hitter. he “lifted weights” in the off-season. As a biochemist, this has been as plain as day for years now, that MLB has had a PED problem. While it is true that people tend to add pounds – and sometimes strength – as they age from their 20s into their 40s – it is unheard of for an athlete to shatter both personal and sport-wide records as Bonds has after age 35. The hypertrophy of his head, as well as his bulk, not to mention his apparent roid rage during his peak use, all paint a very convincing picture. It is also simply not anatomically common for such a high percentage of men to be at such low body fat/high muscle mass as now. Very few people, even among elite athletes, are both large and muscular yet very lean.

    Anyone here that recalls pre-1990s baseball knows what I mean. The guys now are simply huge; akin to football players more than baseball players. Yeah, better training, good nutrition, etc. all make a difference, but not that big. The typical second baseman or shortstop then was a 160-170 lb. punch-and-judy hitter – not over 200 lbs. and built like a defensive back. These guys have been hitting the juice, big time. Not only testosterone, but EPO, HGH, and many others.

    While I still love baseball, and will watch it as always, I no longer believe what I see or hear as far as records are concerned. Aaron is still the career HR champion in my book, as Maris is the single-season champion.

    The saddest part about all of this is that Bonds was a first-ballot HOF player before he ever touched the stuff, ditto Clemems, etc. That Bonds was and is a jerk changes nothing; he didn’t need these drugs to perform at an elite level.

    MLB ought to build a separate wing of the HOF for the steroid era people, or exclude them altogether. IMO, if Bonds and Clemens are found to have used PEDs in a given time period, then their stats for those years should be wiped from the books. Of course, that will never happen… the bigshots will sweep this all under the run as fast as possible.

    Cheating in baseball, like everywhere else in our soceity, appears to be the new norm. “Rules are for suckers” is what we are teaching our young people by refusing to take a harder stand on this stuff.

    HR totals are jacked up not only because of PEDs, but because of bandbox ballparks, a shrinking strike zone, maple bats, and the decline of the brushback pitch.

    I was fortunate enough to catch the tail end of the golden years in the 1960s and 1970s as a kid, saw Mays, Aaron, and many other greats finish out their careers. It isn’t the same game it used to be, tell you that. How sad.

    And the “fun” is just beginning, because when gene doping comes into the picture, no one is going to know what’s what. BB had better get it sact together, or it will degenrate into a freak show before we know it.

  35. VanderBirch says:


    The test for testosterone is not that contentious (though it has been litigated on quite a bit). As a ratio, it does leave some scope for a party who has tested positive to allege they possessed a naturally elevated ratio or that their ratio has spiked for some other reason.

    However, such arguments are usually the recourse of busted athletes desperate to find a plausible defense against drug allegations. Like most ratio based testing, there is an inbuilt buffer zone- you’d have to possess a truly freakish natural ratio to test positive. More importantly, such a ratio would be consistent- it would show up through all your tests. That doesn’t mean there wouldn’t ever be false positives, but these are more likely to be due to lab error than the actually testing methodology itself.

    Obviously, this is somewhat academic re: A-Rod. He hasn’t denied anything, so in the absence of evidence to the contrary, I think we can fairly safely assume he took what was reported. In this regard, testosterone was the key drug he was taking.

  36. VanderBirch says:

    BTW Steve, sorry if my earlier post sounded a little harsh in tone. I definitely agree with your thesis that fans/writers need to improve their knowledge before they make judgments, but because most people aren’t exposed to much info on these issues, it means there is a real duty on a writer to be precise.

  37. david says:

    [“I didn窶冲 mention Testosterone because that part of the story doesn窶冲 make any sense. Testosterone is a natural substance in our bodies. Nobody tests for the existence of testosterone so I don窶冲 understand how or why it窶冱 being reported that he tested positive for testosterone.”]

    Seriously ? And you say that everyone else doesn’t have a clue ? You don’t test FOR TEST. You test the amount of it in the body. There’s a “normal” range that the body produces according to your age. When you blow that range out of the water, it’s evident what is going on. Yes there are other substances that can do this, but 95% of the time it’s TEST. So when you see the elevated levels, you do what they call secondary testing. THAT is how you determine that he was actually taking TEST. Synthetic TEST actually shuts down the body’s own production which can be seen through testing as well.

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