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September 6, 2007 at 12:31 am ET
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Lost In Translation: Here’s What David Ortiz Is Saying In His Reggaeton Video

Papi a tame reggaetoner?As promised earlier in the week in David Ortiz Sings: “Here comes the guy that’s gonna pinch your ____”, we now have a more complete translation of David Ortiz’s part in his reggaeton video.

However, in light of Andy Rooney’s recent “today’s baseball stars are all guys named Rodriguez to me” comment, I’m a little concerned. I’m not the only professional baseball writer who has a Spanish-speaking amigo, am I?

You Been Blinded found the clip and said: “A translation would be greatly appreciated.” And no one responded until Bugs & Cranks stepped in to fill the void.

Larry Brown at Fanhouse linked the clip, and he too added: “I can’t understand a word.”

Dan Lamothe at Red Sox Monster linked both of them, and he too added: “Yeah, I know, I can’t understand what they say in reggaeton, either.”

Luckily my hermano Ernesto “El Puma with the eight” Diaz came through and busted out a transcript of the Spanish lyrics and a translation for most of Papi’s lyrics. Unfortunately he’s a Yankees fan, so you’ll have to put up with some of his foolishness. We met in ’04 and I fondly remember taking a bus with him as Mike Mussina pitched a gem in Game One of the ALCS. (I was reminded a lot of that game in the most recent Yanks-Sox series.)

Reading the English translation, I think the most bizarre thing to keep in mind is that in the video, Ortiz is clearing holding a piece of paper which he appears to be reading off of. So most likely, he’s not freestyling, he or someone else actually wrote down the strange and cryptic words he spits with such rhythm and grace.

But enough of my yappin’, here’s El Puma’s disclaimer, followed by the translation, followed by the lyrics en espanol (in Spanish):

I translated most of Ortiz’s part in the song. I’m pretty sure that I got some of the slang incorrectly translated since I don’t come from wherever it is that reggaetoners learned that confabulation they call Spanish. The song is really tame and even lame for reggaeton. If you want good reggaeton, I hear Daddy Yankee* is pretty good (a Yankee better at something than a Red Sock? Color me shocked!) I don’t even want to attempt that other guy’s part, what with my ears bleeding profusely from this song’s “Spanish.” “I’ll pinch you in the nine?” “The batters I protect with the eight?” What is that? Take it from a totally unbiased person: David Ortiz sucks… at Reggaeton that is. He kills the Yanks. Cheers.

The translation:

I’ll swallow you whole

I’ll make your smile go down where you live

Maclaen and David Ortiz

You know how we do it

(What the hell is he saying here?! Maybe it’s something like, “The Red Sox and their fans should start bragging when they’ve won more than one championship in 86 years and stop whining about not having as much money as the Yankees since the Sox are right behind the Yanks in revenue and really everyone’s playing by the rules and somehow the fact that nearly a century of Yankee dominance has transpired mostly without free agency or Steinbrenner has somehow slipped Red Sox nation’s collective brain and hey, maybe the Yanks are the best team of all time and when all is said and done the Red Sox rank below the Florida Marlins in the last NINETY YEARS of World Series.” But that’s only a rough translation.)

The Macdaddy of this business has arrived

Bringing the flow from Massachusetts to the island

Big Papi, where is he? (more gibberish about how the Sox are an inferior quality team)

I’m with the party I wasn’t born in Arabia

I’m a legend like

The batters I protect with the eight

The cowboys like Manny Ramirez

M A J A Maja

In Boston the Moreno gives the orders

With my expression, I call attention

Go down, sweetheart, go down

The original Spanish lyrics:

Te bajo enterita (magoo magoo)

Te bajo la risa donde vives tu

Maclaen y David Ortiz

You know how we do it

(Sounds like, “Vaballero como cucu”)

Llego el trucutu de esta vaina

Llevando flow desde Massachusetts hasta la isla

Big Papi donde esta (sounds like “donde la paila”)

Con la party yo no naci en Arabia

Leyenda como

Los bateadores los protejo con el ocho

Los baqueros como Manny en Boston

M A J A Maja

En Boston el Moreno manda

Con mi espresion llamo la atencion

Bajate chula baja

The biggest name in Reggaeton?*Special Bonus: The 3 Daddy Yankee songs, all off his LP Los Homerun-es, currently on David Chalk’s ipod are:

  1. Donde Estan Las Giales
  2. Que La Enamoren
  3. Baila Girl, Todo Hombre Ilorando Por Ti


And if you were too lazy to click back to any of the links up top:


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One Response to “Lost In Translation: Here’s What David Ortiz Is Saying In His Reggaeton Video”
  1. kln says:

    Thanks for the lyrics. I can cheerfully ignore the Yankee comments woven in and about!

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