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November 9, 2007 at 12:15 pm ET
Rays Index Joins The Fight To Save The Devil — And The Soul Of Bugs & Cranks

Posted Friday morning by Professor Cork Gaines on Rays Index:

First and foremost is the change from “Devil Rays” to “Rays”. In doing so, the Rays become the first baseball team since the Houston Colt ’45s to change their nickname without moving. This screams boring and unnecessary. David Chalk, who covers the Rays over at Bugs & Cranks is campaigning his editors to keep using the moniker “Devil Rays” and we couldn’t agree more. The team has not used the full name “Devil Rays” on the uniforms since the original Rainbow Warriors set was last used in 2000. So then why the need to change the name? Because some people take offense to the term “Devil”? Sometimes people listen to marketing strategists a little too much. Good idea or stupid? Your fans say “Stupid”. The Rays removed the offensive term and gained a boring one. David Chalk wants to continue using “Devil Rays” on Bugs & Cranks and we hope he does, because we will continue to use the moniker on this site. In fact, we will probably use “Devil Rays” more often.

…. we are irate about the name change and the failure to show any pride whatsoever in where the team is from. In the end, the Rays may have alienated more fans than they gained from these changes.

While Professor Gaines picks up on many of the same points I made in my first post about saving the Tampa Bay Devil Rays name on our site, perhaps most importantly he points to what is and should be the core mission of this website.

Bugs & Cranks is more than a baseball site. It would be redundant if that was all it was, because there are already lots of baseball sites.

Bugs & Cranks is a great baseball site because it provides an oasis, a refuge for The Irate and The Alienated.

For those few of you unfamiliar with Professor Gaines and Rays Index, here’s a little background.

If Devil Rays Town had a mayor, it would be Cork Gaines. (And all you fans of other teams, be real — you’re not a nation. That’s ridiculous, maybe small city-states, but not nations.)

Rays Index is the very finest 100% Devil Rays website on the internets.

I’ve disagreed with some of the things Gaines had said in the past, and I even disapprove of at least one line in today’s post (he has a tendency to make jokes at the expense of the Devil Rays and Devil Rays fans). But I can’t help but have a tremendous respect for the time, energy and talent he puts into covering every level of the Devil Rays organization.

Some of his other accolades:

In addition to Rays Index, Cork has written for the “The Hardball Times 2007 Season Preview“, and has appeared as a guest writer on The Hardball Times. He was also named the recipient of the “2006 David Bloom Award.”

Rays Index has also been mentioned in the Sports Illustrated “2007 Baseball Preview,” and has been referenced on espn.com, Deadspin, The Big Lead, With Leather and Bugs & Cranks.

I am obviously grateful that one of the top Devil Rays fans has joined our struggle, but we will still probably need more to convince Bugs & Cranks Chief Editor Jesse Pugh, and to get him to see the errors of his disturbing flirtations with Steinbrennerism.

So please everyone — Devil Rays fans, sympathetic righteous fans of other teams — please drop us a pledge of support in the comments section.

Don’t make this my last post as The Tampa Bay Devil Rays Writer for Bugs & Cranks.

Don’t make this the last time I leave you with….

Go Devil Rays!

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8 Responses to “Rays Index Joins The Fight To Save The Devil — And The Soul Of Bugs & Cranks”
  1. babaoje says:

    Bolding an italics in your own post is lame

  2. Adam Godson says:

    I’d rather just boycott the Devil Rays. In fact, I urge all fans to boycott the Devil Rays. I, for one, will not purchase any Devil Rays tickets or merchandise as a protest to this change. How’s that for activism?

  3. David Chalk David Chalk says:

    Geez Godson — why should Devil Rays fans have to give up their favorite team because ownership is stupid.

    If in an attempt to shed their lovable loser image the Chicago Cubs became the Chicago Ubs, you’d just stop watching them and going to games?

    And Mr. babaoje — I’ve been bolditalicsing my own stuff since March — I try to use it sparingly, mainly when I’m feeling really IRATE & ALIENATED.

  4. babaoje says:

    Must happen alot as a D Rays fan

  5. Nick Kendall says:

    Out of respect to my fellow writer, during your time in transition, you can refer to my team as the Cincinnati Eds. We were insulting to communists anyway.

  6. Mr. Gaines runs an outstanding website, however, his post on this subject would hold a lot more weight if his website wasn’t called “Rays Index” and if the site subheader wasn’t “Tampa Bay Rays News and Notes”. Actions speak louder than words and Corky’s actions have spoken.

    David, I have no problem with you, as the Rays writer, using the name “Devil Rays” in the body of your posts. You are free to keep it alive that way. But, officially, B&C is still heading towards using the new shortened moniker.

  7. David Chalk David Chalk says:

    That the #1 All DEVIL Rays website is not taking an active leadership role on this issue is all the more reason that Bugs & Cranks needs to.

    We have a reputation — No, A SACRED TRUST to maintain here.

  8. Gilbert says:

    As someone who never says the full name of the team he roots for (the Angels), I support your cause, David.

    I will continue to refer to them as the Devil Rays from now on.

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