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May 7, 2008 at 10:56 am ET
Shitske: I’m Trying To Rub Jays Fans’ Noses In It

Stirring up a Shitske-storm....In his first game back in Toronto as a Devil Ray, Eric “Shitske” Hinske was booed every time he came to the plate.

After the game Shitske and Tampa manager “Coach Joe” Maddon both sounded off to devilrays.com’s David Singh:

“The only thing that makes them quiet is if you get a hit,” Shitske continued with a smile. “So I just keep trying to get hits.”

Shitske added that he still loves visiting Toronto….

“What’s going on with the booing,” said Coach Joe Maddon, with a huge smile. “One of the nicest guys in the history of the United States and he gets booed in Canada. What’s going on?”

Maddon also had a message for the Toronto fans.

“Don’t boo Eric ‘Shitske’ Hinske,” he said. “He’s a great guy. I thought, what did he do? Maybe skip town with a couple parking tickets? I don’t know. And he gets booed. He’s a wonderful young man. One of the finest.”

….Shitske said he had an idea as to why the boos were directed at him.

“I never really put up the numbers that I did in my first year, so I think that’s why they do it,” said Shitske, referring to his Rookie of the Year campaign of 2002, when he when he hit .279 with 24 home runs and 84 RBIs. “I never said anything in the paper or made anybody mad. [Toronto] traded me, so I don’t know why they boo me.”

Think Maddon might be trying to bait the Jays fans into continuing to dump on Shitske? It obviously hasn’t hurt his performance so far.

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9 Responses to “Shitske: I’m Trying To Rub Jays Fans’ Noses In It”
  1. AT says:

    I don’t get why he’s getting booed? I thought Toronto wanted out of his contract, and he was picked up by Boston off waivers. So why is he getting booed?

  2. He is booed because he parlayed his ROY season into a big contract. Once he was paid, he took a nice sized Shitske mandump all over the field for two years, before the Jays traded him to Boston for a bag of balls.

    Now, he isn’t getting paid again, and lo and behold, the numbers return. Classic scumbag behavior. Try to think about how you’ll treat Carlos Pena in two years after he hits .230 with 25 home runs.

  3. J Rose says:

    Dude, get over it. Is it really worth booing someone so vehemently who is so low on the rung of MLB stars? How about booing your GM, who has made so many bad deals he makes a used car salesman look like a saint. Or your reserving your ire for current players like BJ Ryan, who is as big a waste of $50 million bucks as there ever was.

  4. Atg says:

    The GM does get booed. But why would you boo a guy who had to have surgery? it’s not like that was his fault, whereas shitske spent his time in TO boozing it up and playing terribly.

  5. J Rose says:

    In retrospect his ROY season wasn’t even all that great, so maybe expectations were too high. And big money? I mean the most he’s ever made in a season is $5 mil. I guess that’s big dough in Canada.

    My point is you usually reserve such harsh criticism for players who make a shitload of money (i.e A-Rod) or lackadaisical loafers like like Ben Grieve, Aubrey Huff and Vinny Cashstealer, not middle-of-the-pack role players like Hinske.

    A ballplayer who likes to booze it up – now there’s breaking news. get over it Toronto. I hope he hits .600 with 12 homers and 30 ribbies off your overhyped, last place team this year.

  6. The Reverend says:

    I reserve harsh criticism for players who SUCK royally when they take the field, regardless of what they’re paid. I don’t care who they are or how much they make. If I’m at the game, and they’re numbers aren’t worthy of a Major League ball players, I’m going to tell them, and everyone I can about how bad they suck. Such as Eric Hinske who flat out blew for two years. If he hits .600 with 12 homers and 30 RBI’s vs. us this season, I will eat my hat.

  7. J Rose says:

    your voice must be pretty hoarse, Reverend.

  8. The Reverend says:

    well we do play the Rays often in the East, so yes…it can get hoarse indeed.

  9. Brad Mofsky says:

    Its sure is nice to see TampaBay getting the good end of the deal for a change.Way togo Eric Hinske,play hard,play smart & play to win.GO RAYS

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