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January 12, 2009 at 8:59 am ET
This Year’s NFC Championship vs. 2007 NLCS

Rocktober my ass.

For those of you who are fairly new to Bugs & Cranks, this is a super-fun follow-up to one of our best loved series, Worst NLCS Ever from October 2007, and one of our most commented-upon posts ever, Anyone — Literally Anyone — Can Do It Once from February 2008.

When the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New York Giants on Sunday, I had two conflicting emotions.

I was happy because if there had ever been any doubt* that I was right that last year’s Giants were merely a fluketabulous example of opportunistic mediocrity who’s only accomplishment was showing up when other teams choked and lost, the Eagles put that to bed.

But because Arizona and Kurt Warner also won on Saturday, I was saddened that next week we would be left with quite possibly the worst conference championship matchup ever. The Cardinals and Eagles are shitty and mediocre on every level — both historically and this season. Neither has ever won a Super Bowl. Both only won 9 regular season games — fourteen other NFL teams won as many or more. (And the 8-8 last place Redskins were 3-0 against them this year.)

So I got to wondering how does this epically bad NFC Championship matchup compare to the epically craptastic 2007 NLCS between the fluketacular Colorado Rockies and the even shittier Arizona Diamondbacks?

*it’s hard to believe anyone could doubt that the New York Giants were a mirage, but as recently as November 30, B&C all-star comment leaver coops2001 was giving me crap about it: “The ‘opportunistic’ mediocre Giants …. are now 11-1 and are tied for the best record in the NFL. Stick to baseball.” When will y’all learn I’m nearly always right?

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30 Responses to “This Year’s NFC Championship vs. 2007 NLCS”
  1. meech.one says:

    …said the Washington Redskins fan.

    Hey Chalk, at least you’ll be able to say that your shitty football team beat the NFC Champs two times this year.

    Still think Campbell is better than McNabb?

  2. Chalk says:

    I stand by what I told Hall a while back: I’d take Campbell at any point in his career over McNabb at any point in his. So would anyone who’s good at comparing talent, recognizing excellence — like I am.

  3. MD2020 says:

    Will this “excellence” of Jason Campbell manifest itself anytime soon? Divison titles, playoff wins, anything like that?

  4. Heath Shuler's ghost says:

    Wahhhhh…Redskins beat both these teams…wahhhhhhhh. Campbell is garbage, McNabb has been to 5 championship games, get over it.

  5. bcapp says:

    Wow, a Rays fan AND a Redskins fan??? Man, you really know sports.

  6. The Cardinals and Eagles are shitty and mediocre on every level — both historically and this season.

    Except for the Eagles being the third-ranked defense in the league and surrendering an average of 10.8 points over their last six games.

    Oh, and both Arizona and Philly having offenses ranked in the top 10.

    Oh, yes, and both teams going on the road and decisively knocking off the top two seeds in their conference.

    Other than that, you’re absolutely correct.

  7. Wow. I didn’t realize anyone watched the NFC anymore.

  8. David Chalk David Chalk says:

    Making it to five NFC championship games would normally be impressive, but look at how McNabb got there, and what he did once there: how, the NFC has been awful for the last decade, and usually the NFC East has been too; what, choked three out of four times.
    as for this year’s Iggles — as long as you ignore the first 5/8’s of the regular season and pretend that the Vikings and Giants were actually any good, and stay pleasantly drunk, I suppose an argument could be made that they’re totally awesome.
    As for Arizona, there’s probably 26 other teams that if they got to play 6 games against the NFC West would also be in the top offensively as well.
    It ain’t rocket science folks.

  9. I wouldn’t argue that they’re “totally awesome,” but for you to suggest that they’re historically shitty is equally off-base, if not more so.

    Also, it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish. Being a Washington fan I would think you can appreciate the significance of what that means.

  10. Kevin says:

    Chalk – you, my friend, are an absolute…how can I say this without sounding un-educated…idiot???

    For you to even have so much a thought of thinking Jason Campbell is anywhere near Donovan McNabb’s talent level at ANY point in their careers is absurd, and immediately discounts any credibility (did you have any in the 1st place?) you have to sports journalism and opinionism (made up word).

    I will admit this is the very 1st time I’ve been to any of your postings, and it will be without a doubt my last at the same time. Your foolishness and statement of “So would anyone who’s good at comparing talent, recognizing excellence — like I am.” is a complete and utter joke. Which instantly makes you the biggest joke of all.

    Any normal, breathing, living human who has watched 1 minute of professional NFL football could immediately recognize the fact of how far superior McNabb is to Campbell. McNabb has at least had the argument of whether he is a Hall of Fame quarterback already (which many credible NFL experts have said he is). And even though Campbell is a few years younger, the mention of Jason Campbell and Hall of Fame in the same sentence would be a bit for a stand-up comedy show, even for years to come.

    I don’t know who you are, what your “area of expertise” is (obviously, none), and where you get off writing such asinine things…but what I do know is that you are a joke, will always be a joke for even TRYING to make an argument like that, and I will never read a piece by you again for as long as I live.


  11. dp says:

    Football Outsiders has consistently rated the Eagles as a top 5 team all season. They use a Baseball Prospectus like stats based system with corrections that account for the strength of opponents.

    Just because their record wasn’t good, doesn’t mean the Eagles were not a good team.

    BTW, they had the Cardinals ranked 20 before the Carolina game.

  12. Josh A says:

    O man, your site is so funny!

    Keep up the good work, I’m book marking this with the onion in my humor folder.

    I mean this idea that you know anything about sports, fucking hilarious.

  13. RL says:

    Enjoy watching my 9-6-1 team shit all over your playoff ideals on the road to the Super Bowl.

    Suck it. Welcome to Philly.

  14. CleEagle says:

    wow I agree with everything KEVIN said about this utter and blatant example sensationalism. Not sure where your from or what NFL you’ve been watching, But what makes Those devil rays any different that these AZ Cardnials? Your comment on Campbell wow I guess your showing your Washington Colors. Now I see your just hating that your skins haven’t been relevant since Gibbs I and you have to look up 95 to see those purple birds go deep in the playoffs.

  15. John says:

    The Eagles are an awful team to have in there, but the Cardinals have the potential to put on an exciting show. Warner is throwing the ball well and Boldin is back next week. Should be fun to watch Bold and Fitz put up big numbers on the Eagles.

  16. coops2001 says:

    “When will y’all learn I’m nearly always right?”. Actually, what I’ve learned about you is that you are nearly always whining:


    While I’ll be the first to admit the Giants did not deserve to advance, as far as a mirage, the Giants have gone to the playoffs four straight years in a row. Quite a mirage. We’ll have to wait three years to see if the Rays can make it that far.

  17. Hilarious says:

    Why is Jason Campbell over McNabb so out of line. McNabb is in his 10th season, Campbell his 3rd. Want to see their lines from their third season.

    Player A: 57.8 Passing PCT, 3,233 yards, 202.1 yards per game, 25 TDs, 12 INT, 84.3 Passer rating.

    Player B: 62.3 Passing PCT, 3,245 yards, 202.8 yards per game, 13 TDs, 6 INT, 84.3 Passer rating.

    So, with the exception of touchdowns, which can be explained away by the presence of a running game, and interceptions which maybe can be explained away by receiver ineptitude, what exactly is so different about these two guys? It doesn’t even matter which one is which. Although I would take the one with less INT, especially since that one threw more passes.

  18. JohnKruk says:

    Hilarious: I think you make the point for taking McNabb. It is because of the Eagles lack of a running game. Until the last 1/5 of the season, when Reid decided that running the ball was essential, every team cued on the pass. Meanwhile, Campbell had an a good running game, which made his play action much more effective. Also, compare McNabb’s first two years as a starter to Campbells. While the passing numbers are similar, McNabb had 500+ yards of rushing more than Campbell.

  19. Ryan says:

    For John (5:19 pm) and Chalk, I guess you’re general “feel” and “opinion” of football outweights statistical analysis. To call the Eagles awful and to dismiss them based on record is to completely ignore statistical analysis on the contrary. Since the NFL only plays 16 games in a regular season, a team has a greater chance of deviating from their statistical mean and “good/bad” status due to the small sample size. A “good” team can lose more games than statistical analysis would normally dictate and still be inherently good, just as a “bad” team can win more games than statistical analysis would normally dictate and still be inherently bad. The Eagles may have had a subpar record when compared to other playoff teams (as well as teams that missed the playoffs like the Patriots), but that doesn’t negate the fact that they are rated a top team in all categories by Football Outsiders, who generally gets the analysis correct. And when you have a small sample size of games (as compared to baseball, where over the long run of an adequate statistical sample of 162 games the “good” teams, like your Rays as analyzed by Baseball Prospectus, will tend to gravitate towards their natural mean), that often contributes to good teams like the Eagles doing more poorly record-wise than their attributes would dictate. However, over a greater number of games, they will generally gravitate towards their natural mean. What you’re seeing is a statistically good team using additional games to move towards their natural mean. They did get lucky by sneaking into a chance to play these extra games, but that’s what happens sometimes in sports. Skill + Opportunity + A Little Luck = Success

  20. kenobrien says:

    shitty AND mediocre… sheesh.

  21. Sundar says:


    What do you say is the difference between Mcnabb’s first 3 years and Campbell’s first 3 years? Oh let me count the ways….

    Don in his first 3 seasons
    -2 NFC title appearances
    -placed 2nd in MVP voting in his 1st full yr starting
    – 2 pro bowls
    -named player of the year in 2000 by CBS radio
    – 3 postseason victories
    – All without any receivers that have been to a pro bowl

    Campbell has two pro bowl pass catchers in moss and cooley and you wanna talk about receiver ineptitude? Dude is 0-1 in the playoffs and the offense isn’t even predicated on him when it is successful. That would be Clinton Portis who led you to a 6-2 finish and Campbell who led you to a 2-6 finish.

    Honestly, Portis vs Westbrook is much more logical, though a losing effort, much more logical than Mcnabb vs Campbell..haha

  22. JC says:

    I call BS on this post, Philly is a quality team (4th in NFL in net points on the season) that didn’t figure out how to win close games until the second half of the year.

  23. Lawdog says:

    are you supposed to be some authority on football?

    really, your post makes no sense at all. true, the cardinals were doing the moonwalk getting into the postseason. but, they have been kicking ass as of late.

    the eagles had a 5-5-1 record and had to win every game to get into the playoffs…kinda similar to last years champs, wouldn’t you say?

    i guess their ass-kicking of the giants and cowgirls isn’t evidence enough for you.

  24. Hilarious says:

    i bet Jason Campbell knows that there are ties in the NFL

  25. Lawdog says:

    I bet your mom knows how to swallow

  26. David Chalk David Chalk says:

    Y’all want statsistical analysis? Look at who the Iggles have played outside the NFC East: 4-0 against the awful NFC West; against the AFC North they lost to the Ravens, beat the Steelers and Browns AND TIED THE BENGALS; they lost to the Bears and beat the Falcons. Besides the Ravens and Steelers, where’s the difficult schedule? In the NFC East with the super overrated Giants or the terribly inconsistent Redskins and Cowboys? I don’t think so.

    As for McNabb’s and the Eagles “accomplishments” of the last decade — it was mostly the defense carrying the team, and it was more a result of playing in a weak division in a weak conference than any supposed talent.

    I’m not saying Campbell’s accomplished much, but McNabb hasn’t either. And for about half the time he’s been in DC the offensive line’s been terrible.

    Neither the Cardinals nor the Eagles deserve to be in the same breath with my Devil Rays of course who dominated the strongest division in the strongest league in baseball.

    And as for being a Redskins fan — yes they’ve been shitty since ’92, but I’ve seen three Super Bowl titles and an ’83 team that was probably the best team to ever lose a Super Bowl, so I know what a championship caliber team looks like. And it sure as fuck ain’t the Eagles or Cardinals. Or the Ravens while we’re at it.

  27. Gaze says:

    To the strength of schedule comments… There are 4 teams left in football. The Eagles have played the other three teams this season. They defeated two of them.

    It’s laughable that in the same breath you praise the Devil Rays for playing in a tough division, yet dismiss the talent in the NFC East. Is this not the same NFC East that is a perrenial threat to have 2-3 of its four teams in the playoffs every year?

    Your schtick is tired, Chalk.

  28. Myles says:

    Saw this link on another site (busted coverage, maybe), first time to the site, and most likely the last. Before I leave though, let me drop some knowledge on you:

    -You clearly have no idea what you’re rambling about. Granted the skins only gave up 7 more points than the eagles over the season, but the eagles outscored them by nearly 150…

    -The eagles lost to the ravens and beat the steelers…yet the skins lost by 14 and 17…and they’re somehow a better team than the eagles?…

    -Nearly 10 points more a game on average…55 yards passing…25 yards rushing (for the skins)…

    -McNabb had 30 more completions, 700 more yards, 42 more ypg, 2 points in QB rating, 10 more touchdowns…

    -Campbell did beat #5 in a few categories though: he had 5 less INTs, 15 more sacks, and completed 2% more of his throws…

    Yet somehow, a clearly inferior team to the mighty redskins of washington, a team that lost to those same redskins twice this year, got invited to the dance, and that terrible quarterback who couldn’t sniff jason campbell’s jock is on the verge of playing in his second super bowl…

    And this is all coming from someone who wanted the eagles to not make the playoffs b/c i’ve grown tired of 5 and big red.

    btw, seeing as you’re a rays fan, how’d the series turn out for you?

  29. Bukkis says:

    You’re an idiot.

  30. David Chalk David Chalk says:

    Gaze — glad to see you — the NFC East usually has two or three teams in the playoffs not because the NFC East is good but because it is slightly less awful than the rest of the NFC.

    Myles — My only point mentioning the Redskins was that they were pretty awful this year but still swept the Eagles. That doesn’t mean they were a better team than the Eagles or anyone else, because they weren’t. In 96 they went 4-12 but beat the super bowl “champ” Cowboys twice.

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