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January 29, 2008 at 3:15 am ET
We All Have Our Weird Stuff

Even though I’m a Clubhouse writer around these parts, it’s no secret where my allegiances lie. I’m a big fat dork for the St. Louis Cardinals. I am also an Iowa Hawkeyes dork. I recently took stock of my wardrobe and realized that I could wear either an Iowa or a Cardinals shirt every day for over a month and never repeat. I am not even kidding.
Just a taste of my craziness.
Between that realization and a conversation I had with our esteemed boss Jesse about a poster I have hanging on my wall, I have decided it is time to share my memorabilia with the world. I hope it will lead to other people feeling free to come out about their fan dorkiness.

It's cool, right?Exhibit A is my Cardinals dominoes, World Series pin collection and an Ozzie Smith figurine. The dominoes are cheap and plastic but I’m totally in love with the metal lunch box container. I probably should just dump the dominoes into a basket or something and use the lunch box as a purse. The pins are pretty cool. I’ll confess to buying a lot of random World Series stuff because this is the first championship in my lifetime. Finally, I love that Ozzie is mid-backflip. I first really fell for baseball when I saw him do a flip (what? To a 5 year-old, that is like the coolest thing EVER.)

And then there were two...

Exhibit B is the two dorky posters that hang in my bedroom. Yes, I am 26 years old. Yes, I have decorated my room with posters. Yes, the posters include Twin Peaks, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Labyrinth, Kill Bill, Back to the Future and the band Heart. And yes, I do have a Harry Potter calendar hanging on my wall. I am baring my soul here, people! Also, I live in a dormitory, so I don’t feel that bad about it. When I have a grown-up house, I won’t decorate with posters. Or I’ll at least put them in frames. It is pretty sad that two of the four Cards in the poster and the subject of his own poster are *sniff* no longer Cards…but the poster stays.He's so hot.

Brownie was there.  I'm so jealous.Exhibit C is my framed Hawkeyes poster commemorating “The Catch.” It was a magical season, capped off by a ridiculous finish. Here’s a description of it, if anybody wants to know what I’m talking about. The poster is signed by Warren Holloway and I had it framed. It’ll look awesome in my Hawkeye-themed den in my grown-up house.

Sigh...awesome.Exhibit D is just a taste of the final category of weirdness. These are two pictures clipped out of newspapers when the Cardinals won the NLCS (left) and World Series in 2006. I swear to God, the NLCS picture was clipped out of the New York Post (I was in NYC for that NLCS) and then folded inside a book and hung onto until I got back to Indiana. These are the only two newspaper clippings that I have hung on my wall, but I bought a collection of St. Louis Post-Dispatches from the NLCS and World Series weeks.

This only scratches the surface, guys. I didn’t even include my Busch Stadium poster, my 3 Iowa basketball posters, my St. Louis Cardinals replica World Series flag, my set of World Series DVDs or any of my books. I feel like I should be more ashamed of this, but I’m really not. I hope I haven’t scared off any other B&C writers because I’d like to see what other people have. Feel free to share your favorite piece(s) of memorabilia in the comments.

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5 Responses to “We All Have Our Weird Stuff”
  1. Impressive, illuminating and beautifully folded.

  2. Adam Godson says:

    My disdain for the Cardinals and love for the Hawkeyes make this all very confusing. Somehow I can appreciate your love for the Cards knowing that you haven’t “traded” your Rolen poster just yet.

    I recall seeing that Ozzie Smith Starting Lineup figure and just hoping that gravity would make him end his career.

    I’m curious who is on your Iowa Hawkeyes basketball posters…If they have any combination of Chris Kingsbury, Reggie Evans, and/or Andre Woolridge…that’s just plain gold.

  3. Alas Adam, the bball posters are a little more current. More like Jeff, Greg, Doug Thomas, Adam Haluska, Eric Hansen, Mike Henderson. I’ve known Jeff, Greg, Adam and Mike since I was little b/c my brother played AAU ball either with them or against them. It was nice to watch them be Hawkeyes for 4 years.

  4. Gonzo says:

    I bet you can get over $100 for that Cards lunchbox.

    Kudos to your collection.

  5. I’d rather become a Crazy Sports Mom and force one of my kids to carry it to school. Heh heh.

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